TOP 20 most beautiful actresses in Kazakhstan

The eastern beauty of Kazakh women is obvious and indisputable; it has conquered men's hearts at all times. Currently, many Kazakh beauties have chosen the career of actresses, for which many thanks to them, because now we can admire their charm while watching television series and feature films. We bring to your attention two dozen of the most beautiful Kazakh actresses who act in films not only in their homeland.

№1 Shynar Dyusenbenova

Shynar Dyusenbenova

Shynar is a very mysterious lady because there is practically no information about her on the Internet, it is not known in what year and where she was born, is this not real female modesty. However, Shynar is known today not only in Kazakhstan, but also far beyond its borders, thanks to one single role played in the series, and this speaks of her real talent.

№2 Dilnaz Akhmadieva

Dilnaz Ahmadieva

Dilnaz is another modest and talented actress, originally from Kazakhstan, who, according to critics and experts, simply had to become a famous actress, but Dilnaz decided to be a singer and she did it more than perfectly.

№3 Kuralai Anarbekova

Kuralai Anarbekova

Kuralai approached building her acting career very thoroughly and, first of all, graduated from the Institute of Cinematography in the Russian capital. It is noteworthy that her first film experience was not as successful as we would like, but this did not stop Kuralai from continuing her work. Today she is a successful and sought-after theater and film actress in her homeland.

№4 Aidana Medenova

Aidana Medenova

Aidana from early childhood was very fond of dancing, singing various songs. Who would have thought that her childhood hobby would become the meaning of her life and the basis for building her professional career. Today, charming Aidana dances, sings, and starred in Kazakh television series.

№5 Zhaniya Dzhurinskaya

Zhaniya Dzhurinskaya

As a child, Zhania constantly watched how rockets were launched into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Apparently, this fact made her a very dreamy nature, who was able to fully realize her talents, performing as part of a musical group. However, this seemed to her not enough, and she decided to devote herself to cinema as well, thanks to which we can enjoy today her numerous and diverse roles.

№6 Bibigul Suyunshalina

Bibigul Suyunshalina

Bibigul became famous at the age of 8, after her work in the music video of one very popular group in Kazakhstan. After that, the charming little girl was literally inundated with offers from a variety of filmmakers, and today she has roles in her piggy banks, both in Kazakh and Russian cinema and television series.

№7 Asem Zhaketayeva

Asem Zhaketaeva

Asem took part in the national version of the SuperStar show, thanks to which the Kazakh audience really liked it, which today literally does good to her. This can be confirmed by the army of thousands of subscribers on her Instagram page. After a short break and at the request of her fans, Asem returned not only to the stage, but also began to actively act in television series.

№8 Aliya Anuarbek

Aliya Anuarbek

Aliya at one time became the winner of the Almaty beauty contest, after which she was predicted to win in national competitions, but for some reason the girl constantly refused to participate in them. In any case, Aliya has already managed to make an excellent career as an actress of theater, film and television series.

№9 Aruzhan Jazilbekova

Aruzhan Jazilbekova

Aruzhan is a professional journalist and host of one of the central national television channels. In addition, Aruzhan can often be seen in films and in local TV shows, moreover, this beauty managed to get and perfectly play as many as five roles of the main characters.

№10 Saya Orazgalieva

Saya Orazgalieva

Saya began her creative career in one of the famous musical groups, during which she decided to take part in the popular Kazakh show program and won the hearts of thousands of viewers. Currently, Saya is busy raising her son, as well as working in many television series.

№11 Assel Sagatova

Asel Sagatova

Asel started working as a model at the age of 14 and actively built her career in this business for several years. In her piggy bank there are a considerable number of contracts with modeling agencies of a number of Asian countries. There are also a large number of roles played by her not only in her homeland, but also in South Korea, China, Japan and so on.

№12 Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova

Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova

Karlygash received her numerous talents from her parents, a well-known musical composer and opera singer in Kazakhstan. It is noteworthy that after graduating from school, Karlygash decided to become a lawyer and for this she went to the United States, where she received a law degree and did an internship. But in her case, we can say that you can’t fool the genes, and today the beauty is actively acting in films, including in her homeland.

№13 Ainur Niyazova

Aynur Niyazova

Ainur grew up as a very gifted child and as a teenager she became interested in sewing clothes, in which not only she herself, but also all her friends, and even the mothers of her friends, went. After graduating from the Academy of Arts, where she combined her studies with the work of a television presenter, Ainur began to receive offers to act in films. This is how the career of a successful Kazakh actress Ainur Niyazova began.

№14 Dinara Baktybayeva

Dinara Baktybaeva

Dinara, it seems, did not even think about the career of an actress, especially when she entered and studied at a communications college. However, by chance, she got to the casting and was selected to work in the film "He and She." This role made her a famous actress. Subsequently, this picture received the status of a cult, and Dinara became in demand in her business.

№15 Aisulu Azimbayeva

Aisulu Azimbayeva

After school, Aisulu went to the United Arab Emirates and entered the Dubai University at the Faculty of Finance, which she successfully completed. It would seem that now Aisulu had everything to start working in the financial sector, but she decides that it's boring. Therefore, she decided to create her own creative association and become a successful film producer, it is noteworthy that she did it perfectly.

№16 Daria Alexandrova

Daria Alexandrova

Daria is from the Altai Territory, she graduated from a gymnasium in Turkey, and received an economic education in the Russian Federation. Today she works on television in Kazakhstan and is quite active in films and television series, considering herself a Kazakh actress.

№17 Almira Tursyn

Almira Tursyn

Ainur is the embodiment of an ideal oriental beauty, whose plasticity and grace can only be envied. This Kazakh beauty with red hair has an excellent education, as she studied at Al-Farabi University and then at Moscow State University in Russia. By the way, she got into the movie quite by accident. Her first role that brought her fame was the role of the famous queen Tomyris.

№18 Bayan Alaguzova

Bayan Alaguzova

Bayan is not only a charming oriental beauty who has managed to make a brilliant career as a TV presenter and actress. Currently, she is also a successful business woman and film producer. Boyan's page on the social network Instagram has nearly 4 million followers.

19 Ruslana Korshunova

Ruslana Korshunova

Ruslana, although not oriental, is still a beauty, who, moreover, at one time managed to make a dizzying career in the modeling business. Despite her, unfortunately, too short life, she managed to become the most famous Kazakh model, whose mysterious death stirred up the entire world community.

20 Asha Matai

Asha Matai

Asha is a stunningly beautiful Kazakh woman, who is also very talented. Today, she successfully combines the upbringing of her daughter, the work of a television presenter, a musical career, and she is also the most famous DJ girl in Kazakhstan.

Perhaps worthy of mention in our top is the charming Linda Nigmatulina, who is the daughter of the famous theater and film actor Talgat Nigmatulina in the USSR. Currently, Linda lives in the Russian capital, and actively works with well-known local, Kazakh and foreign directors.

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TOP 20 most beautiful actresses in Kazakhstan