Do you have a small kitchen and want it to look more spacious? Here are some tips

The kitchen is the place in the house where a person spends most of the day, either cooking or simply eating, and it should be spacious in order to be able to make any movements as desired, as well as for a pleasant, enjoyable time. airy and comfortable environment.

There are many different and countless ways to save space in your kitchen by organizing it in a certain style.

Here are 5 tips to help you if you want your kitchen to look more spacious:

1. Use built-in technology

These, especially the extra-large built-in appliances, are ideal for small kitchens because they can be easily integrated into kitchen cabinetry or walls and add symmetry and aesthetics. So you can save a lot of space in the kitchen with a built-in dishwasher or built-in refrigerator from, which usually take up the most space. A refrigerator built into your kitchen cabinetry also maintains a pleasant ambience and can help with storage if you have enough space at the top for another shelf.

2. Use walls

Try to place all your furniture on one wall to free up some space so you have plenty of room to move around. This largely depends on the furniture you choose, which should have sufficient height and a large number of shelves and doors.

3. Replace tables with multifunctional shelves

Since tables in the middle of the kitchen take up a lot of space and thus interfere with activities, a smart alternative is to replace them with a multifunctional shelf, which is essentially a countertop built into the wall.

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4. Add drawers

They are very convenient for storing spices and easy to use when cooking. Their advantage is that they, in turn, can be easily incorporated into existing furniture.

5. Runs out of available space

This is where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild by storing items in the most efficient way possible, such as hanging cups from a stand added to a shelf or on a coat rack, or incorporating multiple baskets into the ceiling that can hold various items.

Performing various activities such as cooking in a large space can bring many benefits such as a higher degree of concentration, no feeling of confinement, increased levels of relaxation and thus the activity itself becomes more enjoyable. For this reason, it is very important that your kitchen is as spacious and pleasantly furnished as possible, and this is very easy to achieve if you follow the tips above.

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Do you have a small kitchen and want it to look more spacious? Here are some tips