Your favorite flower reveals the secret of your personality

Finding out the identities of the people around us, from friends, relatives and colleagues, is a rather difficult task, but also incredibly important. This simple personality test is designed to help you find out what the secrets of your personality and the personality of your loved ones are.

Very often, our own personalities can also be hard to read. According to, your favorite flower can give you a different perspective on your nature. Just look at these flowers, choose the one you like the most, and then find out what it can reveal about the hidden side of your personality.

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This flower is a symbol of wealth, but we are talking about the well-being that is created with great difficulty. You believe less in luck and more in hard work that brings prosperity and good fortune. Sometimes you dream. You can also be overly self-obsessed or love only yourself. You are good at multitasking and balancing your personal and professional life. You are creative, cheerful, sociable. You often put the needs of family and friends ahead of your own.


If you have chosen a rose, long and deep relationships, friendship, family relationships are possible. You value traditions, cultural values. You like to bring out the best in others. However, you are obsessed with perfection and high standards of beauty, work, money, fitness. You are also a romantic person who tends to see only the good in people. When you fall in love, your partner never doubts the sincerity of your feelings. If you are in pain, you close, and it takes some time before you dare to love again.

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This flower is a universal symbol of cheerfulness, and like him, you are a person who is often optimistic and smiling. Like this flower, you probably go to bed quite early as the daisies close completely during the evening.

While everyone around you thinks you're childish and innocent, chances are you're in for a series of adventures that will surprise anyone.


You love to travel and adventure abroad. You are enthusiastic, fun-loving and all the best that life has to offer. Be careful not to exceed the limits! Your passion for excess can make you feel bad or leave you penniless. It's good to relax sometimes, just don't do it all the time.

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Your favorite flower reveals the secret of your personality