Here's how to take care of your cuticles! What to do to have dream nails

If you want beautiful and well-groomed hands, then you will have to set aside time for caring for both nails, cuticles, and the skin of your hands. What smart gestures and tricks should be remembered? Here's an expert's opinion!

The cuticle looks flawless on very few women. So, what needs to be done to transform them, remake them? First, it's useful to know that, realistically speaking, cuticles are dead skin hanging from the surface of the nail. And which, yes, are becoming extremely unsightly. Caution: Do not confuse the cuticle with the hyponychium.

“The shape of the cuticle prevents the polish from adhering perfectly to the nail, so it is important to push back and shape it to free the nail from their effect,” advises Marie Luca.

Tips for Beautiful Nails

Experts tell us how we can help our nails cope with the daily aggressions that ruin our manicures and overshadow the beauty of our hands.

“The first and most important step is to degrease our nails, file them gently, and then use an emollient oil specifically for cuticles. Yes, it's important to look for an oil specifically designed to fight cuticles, not a body oil or hand cream. You apply it in a U shape around the entire nail, on all fingers, and leave it on for 30 seconds. After that, remove the excess with a cotton swab. Next stage? We push back the cuticles and release the nail. If we want to improve our work, we go to the bathroom and dry our hands. Massage the cuticle area for a few minutes.

The role of gum

Exfoliation is essential to remove any residue that is still present on the nails, so don't delay. Once the process is complete, wash with plenty of soap and water and you're good as new. Or rather, your hands, like us!

Ideal daily routine

Clearing cuticles is great, but preventing them would be ideal. And there is no magic recipe for this, but take our word for it, hard work and perseverance work wonders.

“Cuticle oil needs to be applied every night, not just when we remember,” explains Mari Luca. “We massage the edge of the nail if we have varnish, or the entire nail if it is not painted. We lightly massage the nails so that the active ingredients of the oil penetrate as well as possible, and also stimulate blood circulation at the base of the nail, ”explains the expert.

Tools to Keep Away

Under no circumstances should we use instruments that can harm us, such as curettes or forceps, which can easily hurt us. Any item that can hurt you has no place in your cosmetic kit. From simple cuts to infections, it can all create a tool that you haven't mastered properly. Remember and take good care of yourself if you want to enjoy beautiful nails.

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Here's how to take care of your cuticles! What to do to have dream nails