You can read a person's thoughts. That's how!

Have you ever wanted to figure out what the person in front of you is really thinking and decipher how they feel? These things are possible! You just need to pay attention to his gestures.

Understanding body language can help you improve your interactions with the people in your life, from your life partner to your boss at work. This is because certain gestures can show you what they are thinking and feeling!

She cleans lint from her clothes

You may have noticed that while talking, some people tend to brush lint out of their clothes. When someone makes this gesture, it means that they respect you and consider you part of their circle. It could also mean that the person in front of you is endowed with a kind of parental affection.

Crossed arms/legs

Crossed limbs can signal that the person is no longer paying attention to the conversation and is no longer listening to you. In general, this gesture is a way of expressing physical distance, but there are exceptions - in some situations, people cross their arms because they are cold.

He shows you his palms

If someone has their palms up on the table or is looking at you, it means they are trying to show you that they trust you and are not hiding anything from you. Take this gesture as a positive sign!

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It's shaking

Click on the writing instrument? Are they moving their fingers? These gestures show that the person is agitated or stressed and cannot concentrate on what you are saying. Maybe she wants to be asked if anything is bothering her!

Breathe faster

Our organs often pick up on our feelings, and if a person's heart rate increases and their breathing increases, it may be a sign of anxiety, fear, or distress.

What does the tone of voice say?

If a person speaks in a high pitched tone, it means they are feeling nervous, weak, vulnerable or weak. But if his tone of voice suddenly drops, he may want to announce that he has something important to say.

He covers his mouth

This is often an unconscious gesture, but if you notice that the person you are analyzing often covers their mouth, it means that they are worried about their appearance. He doesn't trust her and feels awkward.

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You can read a person's thoughts. That's how!