It turned out that is the most stressful moment of the day! Does this apply to you too?

It is almost impossible not to experience periods of stress, but we can prevent them if we know what time of day we are vulnerable to stressors. Researchers have found out what time of the day is the most stressful, and this can help us cope with unpleasant moments.

If you feel like you're more anxious in the morning than any other time of the day, you're not alone! A London study of 2,000 adults found that the first few hours of the day are critical to our state of stress, reports Reader's Digest. And, as you probably guessed, morning stressors are to blame for unpleasant states of anxiety.

This is the “most stressful” time of the day! There are gender differences

The researchers analyzed the data collected from the subjects and determined that 7:23 am is the busiest time of the day. Please note that there is a gender difference. For example, women face obstacles a little earlier than men, at 7:50 am, while men face their first challenge of the day almost an hour later, at 8:43 am. What are the main stressors?

What are the main stress factors?

In the study, those analyzed said that traffic jams in the office make them anxious, worried about getting their children to school on time, and the fact that they put off the alarm clock and wake up later. Spilling liquid on clothes is another stressor, as are accidental breakages, burning food while preparing breakfast, and trouble finding a parking space.

The results of this study can help you find out if, like the people in the study, you feel stressed around 7:23 in the morning. If this happens, we recommend that you first try rule 333, a strategy that can help you get rid of anxiety. You can follow it wherever you are: at home, at work or elsewhere.

General advice on how to deal with stress?

If you can't completely eliminate stress from your life, you should learn how to reduce it. The easiest way is to just get rid of what is bothering you the most, but this is not so easy to do. After all, it is not always possible to just quit your job or change your place of residence overnight.

woman with stress

If you are overwhelmed by stress, if you feel that so much has accumulated in your life that you are unable to cope with it, you can always turn to a specialist. Do not be afraid of a psychiatrist, he is the same doctor as any other. He is also bound by medical secrecy and also wants to help you recover and deal with the negative effects of stress.

However, you can make some changes in your daily life to learn how to manage stress well. You can start to engage in physical activity - this will help your body release endorphins, which are simply called hormones of happiness. You can also take care of proper sleep hygiene in order to sleep better.

Also look for hobbies - anything that can relax you and help you take your mind off what's stressing you out is the right activity for you. Whether it's building models, reading, watching movies, drawing, coloring, cooking - everyone has something they just enjoy doing that relaxes them. Find something similar in your life and try to set aside some time during the week for it.

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It turned out that is the most stressful moment of the day! Does this apply to you too?