Her Majesty the gum - history and modernity

Incredible, but true - an ordinary elastic band, a thing so familiar to us, appeared quite recently. Only about a century ago, our ancestors did not even suspect the existence of this irreplaceable wardrobe attribute. Bulky buttons, hooks and lacing were used to fasten clothing items together. What a path has weaving elastic traveled from its creation to the present day?

Life before the advent of gum and its first samples

Imagine what kind of hard labor was required to put on the multi-layered outfit of a noble gentleman or a female person! After all, we were talking about dozens of buttons, an intricacy of cords and other details. Not everyone could cope with this task on their own.

Lady in a corset
Corset - eternal lacing. Photo:

Many insightful minds understood: it was necessary to invent something that could easily and reliably fix various elements of clothing. At the end of the 18th century until the 20s and 30s of the 19th century, even miniature copper springs were used for these purposes.

However, wearing such products in contact with the skin was extremely uncomfortable. Truly, the idea of a flexible elastic band was in the air! And the first to pick it up was the British Thomas Hancock.

This happened in 1820. His brainchild was a rubber band based on Indian rubber. Unfortunately, its service life turned out to be short, and its properties were far from ideal: stickiness, unpleasant odor. However, it was used in the production of corsets and similar products.

Charles Goodyear: the man we thank

Charles Goodyear is rightfully considered the creator of the familiar gum. His own enterprise was involved in the processing of rubber, and in 1839 he discovered a way to stabilize this material. Over time, the rubber band came into wide use, but was still not durable enough and was not resistant to boiling.

Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear - inventor of the modern elastic band

Only in 1925, through the efforts of Dunlop engineers, a modern elastic band appeared, suitable for underwear and other purposes. By the way, Dunlop still exists and produces car tires.

Over time, progress in the chemical industry has made it possible to replace natural rubber with synthetic rubber, but the very principle of operation of the elastic band has remained unchanged: an elastic band with an internal vein, capable of stretching to the optimal distance and necessarily returning to its original state.

Types of sewing (clothing) elastic:

  1. Fabric elastic band. Made from cotton or synthetic materials with the addition of elastane derivatives. Characterized by high stretchability and elasticity. Used for belts, cuffs and hems of garments. It is durable and retains its original shape after stretching.
  2. Silicone rubber. It is made from special high-quality silicone, which makes it more elastic and wear-resistant. Does not absorb moisture, resistant to high temperatures. Used to make swimsuits and sportswear. Retains elasticity even after repeated stretching.
  3. Flat-seam elastic. Has a flat seam section. Excellent for processing armholes, necklines, and bottoms of products. Allows you to create a neat stitch without noticeable thickening. Often used in light women's clothing.
  4. Round seam elastic. The seam has a circular cross-section. Used for processing belts, cuffs, and the bottom of trousers. Creates a more pronounced gathering effect compared to flat stitching.
  5. Elastic band or weaving elastic band. It is a narrow elastic band. Used in underwear, swimwear, children's and sportswear. Provides a tight fit of the product to the surface of the body and does not leave marks on the skin.
  6. Lace elastic. It has an openwork texture due to the weaving of lace threads. Gives the product elegance and is used in lingerie and dresses. Often a decorative element.

Elastic bands for clothes in the realities of modern times

Modern elastic bands differ in width, density of filling, type of weaving of base fibers, which determines various properties and areas of application. For example, a wide, dense elastic band for hair, a thin and soft one for underwear. The current range is impressive and allows you to choose the best option for any need. Where can you buy high-quality elastic bands at an affordable price today?

Production of elastic for clothing. Photo:

The LLC Trikotazhstyle company is a leading Russian manufacturer of high-quality elastic tape for underwear for all age categories, as well as children's clothing.

During its production activities, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of innovative woven products. The company's production capacity allows for any needs of the customer or partner.

Raw materials for the manufacture of products - high-tech synthetic fibers and threads - are purchased from trusted Belarusian partners. This guarantees excellent physical and mechanical properties of the finished product: high elasticity, wear resistance, proven resistance to repeated deformation.

Lingerie without lace elastic bands would not be so beautiful. Photo:

The production operates on modern Swiss equipment, which allows the production of narrow elastic bands with a width of 2-15 mm and wide ones up to 150 mm. The range includes more than 100 types of products of various densities, thicknesses, colors, it is possible to work according to the customer’s technical specifications.

Lace elastic bands
Lace has become a classic. Photo:

The quality control system complies with the high OEKO-TEX standard. Incoming control of raw materials and materials, multi-stage control during the production process, testing of finished products - all this guarantees the production of elastic bands of the highest quality.

Contacts for communication. The company is located at Moscow, st. Kuskovskaya, 20A. and you can always contact us by phone number +7(495)151-15-10 or by writing an offer to

The company's products are in deserved demand among Russian and foreign manufacturers of both underwear and children's clothing, which is why many well-known brands are among the clients of Trikotazhstyle LLC. High quality and competitive prices have become key factors for the company's success in the market.

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Her Majesty the gum - history and modernity