Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

Whether it's something sentimental or out of respect, someone who receives a great gift from someone will have a high opinion of the sender. And, as a gift recipient, there's a pretty good chance you won't be picky about what you get. It may not matter whether the gift is an expensive meal or a material item. After all, it is the thought that matters in a gift. But still, when you get something you might like, like a watch, it has a different impact.

Watches have become one of the essential accessories for women. They have widely served as a reflection of their fashion statement. Most brands and collections, such as the watches you can browse on, make them more feminine and sophisticated. Now, if you are currently looking for the perfect watch that you could give your girlfriend, consider these models from various well-known brands.

1. Suunto: 3 ZH Granite Red


3ZH Granite Red

Let's start with one of the best brands that you associate with exciting and adrenaline-filled outdoor activities. As a rule, Suunto watches are durable, accurate and functional. The Finnish brand uses the best materials and calibers in timekeeping.

Add in some extra running-friendly features like GPS, heart rate monitor and more, and you have a watch perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. And if your significant other loves outdoor adventures, then this could be the brand for them.

In addition to Suunto Military Watches, the brand also presents various collections of luxury watches for women. 3 ZH Granite Red is one of the brand's latest watches, featuring a bold design. The dial type is digital, which is truly an innovative watch. The most attractive feature is the red bracelet.

2. Jaquet Droz: Lady 8 J014603272

Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

Launched in 2013, Jaquet Droz highlights the beauty of its first luxury watch for women in its collection. Lady 8 is a series of women's luxury that will surely grab your attention at first sight. Among their collections, this Lady 8 J014603272 is the most exquisite.

This stunning emerald green watch features a rose gold case that securely protects the emerald green dial. This case is set with 68 diamonds and the elegant strap is set with 23 diamonds. There are no Arabic numerals on the dial, which makes the model minimalistic but stylish.

3. Longines: La Grande Classique de Longines black women's watch

Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

Longines is widely regarded as one of the oldest watch companies in the world, producing high quality timepieces since 1832. They are primarily known for their sports watches and even diving watches. However, the brand also offers a wide range of luxury collections for women. One of them includes La Grande Classique de Longines Quartz Black Dial.

This women's watch features a 3mm round rose gold stainless steel case. The strap is made of leather material, which makes it lightweight and comfortable. It also has a white mother-of-pearl dial and a set of diamonds to make it look more sophisticated.

4. Marc By Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Amy Dexter Quartz Dial

Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

Marc Jacobs found this famous brand. Marc by Marc Jacobs is proud to present a wide range of collections that are widely appreciated for their uniqueness and quality. So if you want to give your girlfriend the most attractive feminine luxury, try the Amy Dexter Quartz rose gold watch.

Known for its rose gold details, from the case to the bracelet, this model is sure to make you look stylish. The case with a diameter of 26 mm is made of steel with scratch-resistant mineral glass. The dial is adorned with multicolored crystal indexes and rose gold tone hands, making it the perfect match for your girlfriend's favorite dress.

5. Michael Kors: Sofie Quartz Crystal rose gold dial

Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

This highly acclaimed fashion company prides itself on presenting some of the finest luxury watches today. The company has only been in the industry for over two decades, but has already captured the attention of fashion lovers with its luxurious watch styles.

This luxurious women's watch is one of the finest business attire watches available today and is widely recognized for its perfect combination of rose gold and silver. The rose gold dial is adorned with Roman numerals, which are securely protected by a durable steel watch case.

6. Mido: Belluna Royal Lady Automatic Rhodium Dial

Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

Mido, who has been in the watch industry for over a century, is considered one of the oldest known Swiss watchmakers. The brand creates authentic and durable luxury watches with a touch of architectural design. Mido is considered the world standard when it comes to waterproof and mechanical watches.

The Belluna Royal Lady Automatic Rhodium Dial is one of the latest women's watches. The model emphasizes the beauty of simplicity, which makes it the perfect gift for your girlfriend. The body is made of steel of a small round shape. Rhodium plated with diamond indexes.

7. Montblanc: Traditional Automatic Date with Mother-of-Pearl Dial

Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend

Bold and cool. Indeed, these words fit the description of Montblanc watches. Since its founding in 1997, the watch industry has striven to produce superior timepieces that will satisfy thousands of watch connoisseurs. Their timepieces are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures while remaining sophisticated.

One of their top models includes the Tradition Automatic Date automatic mother-of-pearl dial. The watch face is decorated with Roman numerals in rose gold tone. For convenience, a date section has been added to the dial. To ensure the durability of the watch, the case and strap are made of stainless steel.

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A luxury watch is the best gift you can give your girlfriend, whether you're celebrating your anniversary or her birthday. They are not only convenient for keeping track of time, but also elegant and fashionable.

If you are currently looking for one, take a look at the best watches mentioned above. Thousands of watch lovers are already delighted with their rich and classic beauty, and probably your girlfriend too.

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Women's luxury: 7 exquisite watches for your girlfriend