Kim Kardashian, offensive post against Kate Middleton. People slammed her: 'Never come to Britain again'

Kim Kardashian fell into public disgrace after a post considered offensive to Kate Middleton, who just days ago revealed the “mystery of her disappearance” and publicly announced that she had cancer.

Despite being admired by fans, she is currently facing criticism from people around the world after posting photos on Instagram with the caption: "On the way to Kate." From here it was just one step to online lynching.

Kim Kardashian received harsh criticism from people after her post

Kim Kardashian's fans turned away from her, outraged by the offensive gesture towards Princess Kate Middleton. On her Instagram, Kanye West's ex-wife found it necessary to send an insulting message to the Princess of Wales: "I'm going to look for Kate."

Those who initially liked her were extremely outraged by her attitude, so they asked her to delete the offensive post about the princess with cancer, and also respectfully apologize.

“Could you please apologize?”, “She has cancer, delete the post,” “I think you should delete the post,” “After finding out she has cancer, you should delete these photos. This is very insensitive and you owe our princess an apology.” "Out of respect, don't ever come to the UK again," were just some of the harsh messages directed at Kim.

Kim's Instagram post

According to information provided by DailyMail.co.uk, Kim Kardashian remains indifferent to the wave of hatred she faces and prefers to see her life and her typical InstaStory posts without commenting on the comments that arose as a result of the mistake she made.

Kim's post came at a time when the international press was screaming about Kate Middleton's "disappearance" from the public sphere.

Kate Middleton says she has cancer

Prince William's wife announced in a video clip just days ago that she had been diagnosed with cancer. The Princess of Wales made a sad announcement two months after the operation.

“Of course this came as a huge shock and William and I did our best to process and resolve this privately for the sake of our young family.

As you can imagine, this took time. It took me a while to recover from major surgery and begin treatment. But most importantly, we took the time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that was comfortable for them and to reassure them that I would be fine,” Kate said, according to the BBC.

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Kim Kardashian, offensive post against Kate Middleton. People slammed her: 'Never come to Britain again'