Maluma became a father and published the first photos of the baby: “The love of our lives.” Photo

On March 9, Maluma became the father of a little girl and shared the first photos of the baby, whom he calls “the love of our lives,” on Instagram.

He credits his partner Susana for making his biggest dream come true - becoming a father - and says the moment his daughter was born will never be forgotten.

The girl was christened Paris Londoño Gomez.

At the age of 30, the Colombian singer announced the birth of her daughter Paris Londoño Gomez and shared three photos of her immediately after the birth on the social network. In the blink of an eye, Maluma and Susana received almost 43,000 comments from fans congratulating them on the birth of their child.

Maluma and Susana Gomez just became parents, and the Colombian superstar shared photos of the baby on Instagram. He acknowledged the contribution of his partner Susana Gomez in fulfilling his dream of becoming a father after four years of dating.

Fans guessed the name of the child when they saw Susana wearing a diamond necklace with the inscription “Paris”, and Maluma confirmed the choice of name for her girl.

“On March 9 at 8:23, Paris Londoño Gomez, the greatest joy in our lives, was born. Thank you all for your messages and wishes. Susana, my love, thank you for fulfilling my biggest dream of becoming a father. This moment will forever remain in my heart. I love you!” the artist sent along with several photographs of Susana and the little girl.

The way Maluma announced that he would become a father was unique. In the video for "Procura," premiered onstage in Washington last October, Maluma and Gomez look excited in a doctor's office after seeing their baby's ultrasound for the first time.

Maluma has long wanted to become a father

In an interview with National Public Radio, Maluma expressed his joy at becoming a father.

“Paris, our beautiful daughter, grows in the womb and inspires me to dream... She means everything to me now. It's a wonderful journey and I'm here to learn. I think these kids come into the world to teach us a lot, so I'm ready to learn,” the artist said a few months ago.

In his 2020 single “ADMV,” which translates to “Amor De Mi Vida” (Love of My Life), Maluma talks about his deep desire to start a family.

“I wrote this song because this is what I want in life,” he explained of the single, which tells the story of two partners living a beautiful love story as they age. The message of the song reflects my desire: Yes, I want to grow old and start a family. It’s one of my biggest dreams to grow old with someone and share my life with that person.”

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Maluma became a father and published the first photos of the baby: “The love of our lives.” Photo