A love scandal in the heart of the British royal family. Prince William is suspected of having an affair

The media in the UK and elsewhere is abuzz with Prince William's alleged extramarital affair, with the topic dominating the headlines.

Kate Middleton underwent surgery that required a long recovery period, which kept her out of the public eye for a long time.

Information in the British media indicates that William may be involved in an extramarital affair while his wife is away, but the information has not been officially confirmed.

Although Kate, also known as the Princess of Wales, has not been seen in public since the Christmas holidays, her health has sparked much speculation.

She, 42 years old, was admitted to hospital for elective surgery on January 16 and returned home after 13 days of hospitalization. Kensington Palace officials said her health was improving.

Princess Kate's absence from public events and Prince William's absence from them, citing a "private matter", has fueled speculation about Kate's health, but has also given rise to other conspiracy theories.

Kensington Palace has not made any official statement regarding rumors about the alleged existence of another woman in William's life.

There is speculation that Kate may return to her official royal duties after the Easter holidays.

The truth about Kate Middleton's health

Kate Middleton's health has sparked public interest after undergoing abdominal surgery in January. She is currently recovering at her home in Windsor and fans are eagerly awaiting details about her true condition.

Her absence from the public sphere sparked speculation and conspiracy theories on social media, but Kensington Palace quickly responded to clear the air. The princess's spokesman said Kate will return to public life after Easter and expects to resume her engagements as soon as possible.

Although the Prince of Wales has been absent from some events, citing "personal matters", Kate is reportedly on the mend.

Sources close to the royal family said Kate is having difficulty adjusting to a less active lifestyle and that she is uncomfortable sitting on the sidelines while others go about their normal activities.

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A love scandal in the heart of the British royal family. Prince William is suspected of having an affair