“Savory” confessions from the bedrooms of stars! Christina Aguilera uses vibrators

Celebrities are people just like the rest of us! So it's no surprise that they sometimes go out of their way to go out of their way when it comes to their sexual preferences. Over time, the liberated people shared piquant details of their intimate life. From endless sex parties to sex toys, here's what stars prefer in bed!

Christina Aguilera (43 years old) loves vibrators! The American star, who has a net worth of $160 million, recently admitted that she loves sex toys and uses them during sex parties with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler, as well as when she is alone. “Vibrators changed my life. I have one that I can take with me in my pocket. I take it with me on plane trips and even use it during a flight if it's a long trip,” Christina Aguilera explained on Call Her Daddy. Christina has two children Max (16 years old) and Summer (9 years old) from her marriage to ex-husband Max Liron Bratman.

Emily Ratajkowski: "Sex relaxes me"

Emily Ratajkowski in a black swimsuit in bed

Emily Ratajkowski (32 years old) said that she has a full sex life. The fiery brunette, considered the actress with the most beautiful natural breasts in Hollywood, said that her intimate life is very important to her. “Sex relaxes me. It's a way to express myself, I like it to be a part of my life. You learn a lot about people when you have sex with them. It's important for me. Until you sleep with someone, you don't really know them,” Emily Ratajkowski, who is worth $8 million, told the Forbidden Fruits podcast. The actress has a child, Sylvester (3 years old), from her marriage to ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Heidi Klum is happy with her young husband

Heidi Klum in a bikini and a short white top

Heidi Klum (50) recently boasted that sex matchmaking with her husband Tom Kaulitz (34) lasts four hours. Moreover, the German model, with a net worth of $160 million, said that she maintains an intimate relationship with her life partner almost every day: “My husband is German, what can I say. I tried sausages from several countries and settled on German. (…) We spend hours having wild sex. My husband is very resilient. Many people can’t have sex for that many hours.” The blonde has four children with ex-husband Seal (61): Leni (19), Henry (18), Johan (17) and Lou (14).

Chelsea Handler also has sex with women

Chelsea Handler in a red swimsuit

Chelsea Handler, 49, said she split from her boyfriend Ted Herbert in 2010 after they had a threesome with their masseuse. Not out of jealousy, but because Chelsea later sought out this woman and had intimate relations with her several times. “I was very attracted to this woman. I slept with her many times without involving my boyfriend. That's when I knew I needed to break up with him,” Chelsea Handler, who boasts a net worth of $35 million, explained on the Radio Andy show.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had sex in public

Chrissy Teigen in a short blue dress with a plunging neckline.

Chrissy Teigen, 38, and her husband John Legend, 45, have had sex in public several times. On The Late Show with James Corden, the model admitted that they had an intimate relationship, including in the bathroom at a social event.

Besides. She and the artist also had sex on the plane several times. Chrissy, who is worth $100 million, and John Legend have four children: Luna (7 years old), Miles (5 years old), Esty (1 year old), Wren (9 years old).

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“Savory” confessions from the bedrooms of stars! Christina Aguilera uses vibrators