At the Oscars, the stars are treated like royalty! 120 chefs prepare a luxurious menu

On March 10, the most important event in the film industry will take place. Preparations for the 96th Academy Awards are in the final hundred meters at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Hollywood stars will enjoy the 5-star menu prepared by renowned Austrian chef Wolfgang Johannes Puck (74).

"There's something for everyone, whether we're talking about strict vegans or dedicated carnivores," promised Park, for whom this will be the 30th Oscars dinner he and his team have produced.

Oscars 2024 menu. Pizza and fries are not missing

“We can make anything taste good,” boasted Wolfgang, an expert at satisfying Hollywood's most discerning taste buds. At past galas, Joaquin Phoenix has praised his vegan dishes with an Asian twist, and Martin Scorsese has said he loves his pasta. There are VIPs who prefer exotic dishes, and there are fast food lovers, so Puck Catering chefs will prepare everything for everyone. Of course there will be fries, hamburger and pizza!

Chef Wolfgang Puck seasons a piece of meat. Married 2024

This year there will be six buffets and a variety of appetizers. The menu, created by Wolfgang Johannes Puck and chef Eric Klein, includes sumptuous dishes such as truffle popcorn and gold dust, Korean steak tartare with rice, and luxurious desserts such as elderflower champagne parfait and raspberry foam. WTOP reports. .

Chocolate cigars on the Oscars 2024 menu

The menu will also include dishes from chef Max Farina, who specializes in Italian cuisine: risotto with wild mushrooms and black truffles, pasta with beef ragu sauce, and vegetarian and vegan lasagna. Guests can also try the Peking duck and soy cutlets, grilled in a honey-ginger sauce and topped with a cilantro vinaigrette. Appetizers include Gouda, Parmesan cheese, homemade bagels and roasted peanuts.

The “Play Your Role” cocktail is especially for actors and actresses. Oscar 2024

The dessert options are endless. Guests can sample deluxe Oreos (fillings include dulce de leche and hazelnuts), 24-karat gold-plated Oscar trophies (5,000 are on tap for the evening), and smokers can enjoy chocolate-covered Grand Marnier cigars.

Of course I can't miss the alcoholic drinks! Puck Catering's creative menu is complemented by Don Julio Tequila cocktails, as well as a selection of Clarendelle and Domaine Clarence Dillon Bordeaux red and white wines from France, and plenty of bottles of Fleur de Miraval rosé champagne.

Paella is part of the menu (Photo: Profimedia)

However, according to Park, one of his favorite dishes to serve is chicken pot pie.

Guests receive $100,000 worth of gift bags.

As every year, guests will go home with a gift bag valued at more than $100,000, created by marketing company Distinctive Assets. According to sources, the bag contained, among other things, vouchers for beauty treatments, luxury holidays, skin care and makeup products from luxury brands, designer pillows, expensive kitchen appliances, clothing, bags and shoes from the company.

"Oppenheimer" and "Poor Creatures" - favorites of the evening

Oppenheimer and Poor Men are poised to dominate the 96th Academy Awards. The former has 13 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor, while the latter has 11 nominations.

They are followed by Killers of the Flower Moon (10 nominations) and Barbie (8 nominations). Oppenheimer, starring Cillian Murphy, has grossed $960 million and already has numerous awards under its belt, including five wins at the 81st Golden Globes, seven wins at the 77th British Academy Film Awards and more three awards at SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Awards. In turn, Poor Creatures earned $104 million and won five British Academy Film Awards.

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At the Oscars, the stars are treated like royalty! 120 chefs prepare a luxurious menu