Nicole Kidman in lingerie at 56! How good does the actress look?

Nicole Kidman (56 years old) looks incredibly good! The Australian star starred in a daring photo shoot for the April issue of ELLE USA magazine. On the cover, the star, who has a fortune of $250 million, appeared in a black jumpsuit.

Inside the magazine, however, Nicole is more stripped down, posing in lacy lingerie and stockings with garter belts, and wearing a large jacket on top in some images.

Nicole Kidman is happy in every way

The actress has four children: Isabella (31 years old), Connor (29 years old) from her marriage to Tom Cruise, and Sunday (16 years old) and Faith (4 years old) from her current husband Keith Urban (56 years old). years). The star has an enviable figure, and with an impressive height of 1.80 m, Kidman looks like a fashion model. She has admitted in the past that she was put off by her height and felt like a "giraffe" when walking the red carpet.

Nicole Kidman allowed herself to be photographed in lingerie (Photo: Instagram/ELLE USA)

“I live my life to the fullest with the people I love. I am raising my daughters. I am a wife, best friend, sister, aunt. I have deep relationships with people, and for me this is the meaning of life. We have to be careful about what we leave behind, who we leave behind and how we do it, what respect we have for it,” the star said.

The star also said that she feels best at home, in her pajamas. Even if she looks flawless when she appears on the red carpet of an event, the actress admitted that the entire preparation process is grueling for her.

“I want to quickly go home, take off my dress and change into pajamas. It's kind of the opposite of Cinderella, I'm happy when I come home and get back to myself. It's stunning. At this moment I always feel like I want to go home. I am very tired. I want to be warm, I want to snuggle and feel real,” explained Nicole Kidman.

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Nicole Kidman in lingerie at 56! How good does the actress look?