Bella Ramsey wore a chest bandage while filming The Last of Us

What statements did the actress make about the role she plays...

Bella Ramsey wore a chest bandage while filming The Last of Us. The international actress spoke about the role she plays. She shared with her fans some secrets right from the shoot.

Bella Ramsey claims that she wore a chest band most of the time on set. This helped her focus much better on what she had to shoot, as she herself says. This practice is not new. Many actresses turn to this bandage to flatten their bust.

Bella Ramsey wore a chest bandage while filming The Last of Us

The Last of Us managed to attract a large audience. The series continues, but a large audience is excited to hear the behind-the-scenes details. Bella Ramsey is one of the stars of the popular series. The actress plays the role of teenager Ellie.

A scene from The Last Of Us, which will air on January 15, 2023.

Ellie is a young woman immune to the world-changing controversy until it takes her into a post-apocalyptic scenario. The actress says her character has always been "moving". Ellie is a fearless young woman who is not afraid to take on male roles during difficult times.

In an interview with Insider, she stated that she identifies as a non-binary person. The prima donna says she has no problem with how people treat her. Demi Lovato has admitted in the past that she is a non-binary person.

Bella Ramsey says it was her personal choice to wear a bandeau while filming to flatten her bust.

Experts believe that it is extremely important to wear such a wardrobe item correctly. Improper wearing can lead to health problems.

What does Bella Ramsey think about her decision?

Bella was adamant in her decision. The actress from the series "The Last of Us" did not shy away from justifying her decisions. She says she's sick of being called a "young lady". The star says she feels humiliated when people refer to her with such an epithet.

Bella also spoke about the characters that made her feel complete. She played the title role in the film "Catherine Called Bird". The actress says that this role gave her strength. A role in the film would give him the opportunity to feel completely different than usual.

The actress also spoke a little about her The Last of Us co-star Pedro Pascal. The two make up a formidable production team. The two actors have an open friendship. In fact, Bella says that she also became friends with the actor's sister.

He feels like part of the family and enjoys the support he gets. Although her career is still in its infancy, Bella has a bright future ahead of her. Her roles are getting better and better, and Bella is fully committed to the scenarios that she has to play.

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Bella Ramsey wore a chest bandage while filming The Last of Us