Blake Lively gave birth. The actress and Ryan Reynolds became parents for the fourth time

Blake Lively gave birth. The world actress became a mother for the fourth time. She and her husband Ryan Reynolds have a great family.

The actress and her husband did not reveal the gender of the baby. They have three wonderful children together. Betty is 3 years old, Ines is 6, and James is 8. Brothers and sisters are ready to welcome a new family member.

Blake Lively gave birth

Blake Lively is happier than ever. The international edition of People confirmed the news that the diva became a mother. The family of actor Ryan Reynolds has replenished. The actress herself announced the great news.

Although they haven't shared a photo of the baby yet, she and her husband have hinted that they are happy parents. During her Super Bowl performance, Lively shared a snap of herself showing off her pregnant belly.

Along with the image, she also left a message letting her fans know that she's been "busy" lately. Together with Blake and Ryan, the actor's mother Tammy appeared in the photo.

Blake later shared photos of the meals she cooked for the Super Bowl show. Many fans of the diva noted that the diva was left without a stomach. Lively looks happier than ever with her entire family. The international star is now the mother of four wonderful children.

According to their close friends, she and actor Deadpool enjoy a big family. In the past, they have talked about what a day of their married life looks like.

There were a lot of new things at the Super Bowl show. During the concert, Rihanna announced that she was expecting her second child. The prima donna could no longer keep a secret in herself and wanted to share the big news with everyone present.

What Blake Lively says about motherhood

Blake Lively is a caring mother. The international actress already has experience. After the birth of four children, the diva can hardly be surprised. She has spoken in the past about her role as a mother and how much her life has changed since the birth of her first child. As for the fourth pregnancy, Lively appeared to be overjoyed.

“I can’t wait to become a mother for the fourth time. Our family will be complete and complete. We should be like this. If we didn't want this baby, you wouldn't have lasted past the fourth. But we are very excited."

Lively also enjoys the support of her husband. Ryan is always there for her. This is a father who is engaged and dedicated to raising his children.

This man never ceases to amaze me. He is so involved in everything he does. Career, but also family is a priority for him. I know that my children and I are his home and family. Even if he gets tired from filming, he always finds time to play with the kids.”

Lively and Ryan are now happy parents. They announced that they are expecting their fourth child in September 2022. Now they are enjoying the birth of their baby together.

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Blake Lively gave birth. The actress and Ryan Reynolds became parents for the fourth time