Elizabeth Hurley looks flawless at 57

The British-born star was photographed from an unexpected angle...

Elizabeth Hurley looks flawless at 57 years old. The star posted a completely naked photo on her Instagram account. She covered part of her toned body with white fur. Over time, the actress has been praised by fans for her healthy lifestyle and the way she takes care of herself.

Hurley has revealed in several interviews as well as on her social media that she loves doing yoga and Pilates. He also spends a lot of time at home gardening, which is one of the most effective ways to relax.

Elizabeth Hurley looks flawless at 57

Elizabeth Hurley posed nude and looks flawless at 57 years old. Even on Valentine's Day, the British-born actress forgot about her inhibitions. She posted on her Instagram account a photo in which she is naked in her bed. Liz tactfully prepared for the moment and surrounded herself with fluffy pillows.

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The actress showed off her toned abs, arms and legs. In addition, Elizabeth Hurley opted for an extremely simple yet effective make-up that highlights her gorgeous features. In addition, the star had a message for fans: "Happy Valentine's Day ❤️." Both his friends and fans fully appreciated his courage.

Judging by the pictures she posts on her Instagram account, Liz is not the kind of person who spends time at the gym.

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She prefers to stay active every day and will always find something to do. Here's how to stay fit after 50.

“I don’t train by myself, but I am very active,” she said. “I do a lot of sports, but it’s really about gardening… cutting a hedge, using a chainsaw to cut down a tree, everything I do keeps me in shape,” Elizabeth Hurley told Extra.com.

Elizabeth Hurley is a complete mother

Elizabeth Hurley has a son named Damian who looks a lot like her. They spend a lot of time together and attend social events. The resemblance between Liz, 57, and her 20-year-old son is striking: both looked dapper in black outfits at a private event. Damian is Liz's only child with Steve Bring.

Damian is also an actor and starred in the movie Boy on the Beach. He had a rather strained relationship with his father, Steve Bring. However, Damian stated that their relationship improved before the death of the businessman.

Shortly after the death of Steve Bring, it was revealed that Damian had been kicked out of his grandfather's investment fund, losing an inheritance of £180 million in the process. This terribly upset Elizabeth Hurley, she called her ex-husband "insensitive", writes Metro.com.

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Elizabeth Hurley looks flawless at 57