How Tom Cruise and his 25 years younger girlfriend met. The relationship between them becomes more and more serious.

Possible mission for Tom Cruise: he found love again at 61 years old and is already living a beautiful love story with a sexy Russian girl Elsina Khayrova (36 years old). Although the woman is 25 years younger than the famous actor, the relationship between them is becoming more and more serious. And if earlier fans were curious about who the artist’s new partner is, now they want to know how they met.

Late last year, Tom Cruise (61 years old) was seen in the company of Russian woman Elsina Khayrova (36 years old) in London. This is how the relationship rumors initially started. Fans immediately became curious and wanted to know who this woman was. Elsina is the daughter of Russian parliamentarian Rinat Khairov, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the ex-wife of Russian oligarch Dmitry Tsvetkov.

Their divorce cost £150 million, and during their 11-year marriage she spent £10 million on clothes, £2 million on handbags, but also shared a million-pound 22-bedroom mansion on the Wentworth estate in Surrey with her husband, and also at home in London. worth £18 million. The couple also owned properties in Dubai and Cyprus, as well as several luxury cars, jewelery and art collections worth millions of pounds.

How Tom Cruise met his new girlfriend

Well, then many wondered how Tom Cruise met a Russian woman. It seems these two met in a completely unexpected way. In particular, when a friend of the artist brought her to one of his parties. He organized a tea party at the penthouse he owned in Hyde Park, London, and the two formed an instant connection.

“Tom had tea parties every Sunday when he was in London. He feels much better in London than in Los Angeles. There are butlers and homemade cakes, it's very British. Someone brought her,” a source told Pagesix.com.

The insider also made several statements about the new couple. “Tom looked very much in love and soaked up every word Elsina said. Physically they seemed very close. His bodyguard was also present and intervened when one of the employees approached and asked for a photo. She was unconventional, wearing a sparkly dress and a black fur coat. Tom was generous and gave a £100 tip before he and Elsina walked out the side door and towards the waiting car. It was a smooth operation."

“They do a lot of things that normal couples do.”

Those close to the Hollywood star said that Tom "regularly spends nights in her luxurious London apartment" and that they are "getting closer and closer."

“It is known that they are together. They have been very close in recent weeks, but try not to be photographed together. They want to maintain their privacy. Tom spent the whole night in Elsina's apartment, which, as you can imagine, is a very nice place. They love spending time together and despite their wealth, they do a lot of things that normal couples do,” another source told dailymail.com.

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How Tom Cruise and his 25 years younger girlfriend met. The relationship between them becomes more and more serious.