The star slept with another man the night before the wedding. “Karma returned because her next husbands also cheated on her.”

Constantly in the spotlight for her impressive acting career as well as her turbulent personal life, Demi Moore told her heartbreaking story in her autobiographical book, Inside Out. With a life story filled with addiction, childhood trauma and public breakups, Demi Moore continues to turn heads with her honesty and courage to reveal her vulnerabilities.

He cheated on his partner on their wedding night

In her book, Moore offers a disturbing look at the tumultuous beginning of her first marriage to Freddie Moore. At 18, the young actress admitted that she tried to sabotage her marriage before it even began by cheating on Freddie the night before the wedding. The explosive revelation was met with mixed reactions from the public and sparked controversy surrounding the star's personal life.

“Karma returned because her next husbands also cheated on her,” were the comments the star received.

Freddie Moore, the 69-year-old actress' ex-husband, responded to the revelations by suggesting his ex-wife may have a distorted view of events, calling her crazy.

Ex-husband suffers from Alzheimer's disease

Demmy Moor. Photo: Sternstock.

Another complex nuance in Demi Moore's story is related to the condition of her ex-husband Freddie, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Freddie's current wife, Renee, said they would not comment on the details of Demi's book, but stressed that their thoughts and efforts are focused on caring for Freddie and his story, which will be told in the future in the book.

“Rick, like so many others, is battling the horrors of Alzheimer's disease. Our thoughts and efforts are focused on his care. Before the disease progressed, he wrote his story, and at some point it will be told in a book,” his wife said.

Freddie and Moore decided to get married in 1980, when the actress was only 18 years old. However, their marriage broke up in 1985. Demi Moore mentions that this period of marriage was delicate for her after the tragic event that resulted in her father, Danny Guynes, taking his own life.

“I couldn’t come to terms with the idea that I was getting married to forget my father’s death. I felt there was no point in questioning what I had already put into action. I couldn’t refuse this marriage, but I could sabotage it.”

Moore met Freddie when she was 16 while he was married to Lucy.

“I was a self-centered teenager who was not raised to have much respect for the institution of marriage.” I immersed myself in life with Freddie. And, unfortunately, I say this without thinking too much about my husband,” she also admitted in the book.

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The star slept with another man the night before the wedding. “Karma returned because her next husbands also cheated on her.”