She hasn't forgiven anyone! 7 secrets revealed by Britney Spears in her new book

Britney Spears (41 years old) needs no introduction. The diva had a turbulent past, an impressive career that began at a young age, and a scandalous personal life. Now the famous American singer has revealed all her secrets in her book "The Woman in Me", released on Tuesday.

Britney Spears was forced to have an abortion at 19

At the age of 19 she had an abortion. Britney said she became pregnant during her three-year relationship with Justin Timberlake, from 1999 to 2002. The star admitted that she had an abortion at the singer’s insistence. “I loved Justin very much. I always expected that we would have a common family. But Justin definitely wasn't happy about the pregnancy. He said that we were not ready to have a child, that we were too young. If it were up to me, I would never do it,” she wrote about the abortion.

Justin Timberlake gave her slippers via SMS! Spears explained that he was the one who decided to end the relationship and broke up with her over a simple phone message, leaving her "devastated" and even considering leaving the music industry. The relationship with the former N'Sync member lasted three years and received wide publicity.

She cheated on Justin Timberlake

The diva dated Justin Timerlake from 1999 to 2002 (Photo: GettyImages)

Britney admitted that she cheated on Timberlake. She confirmed she kissed dancer Wade Robson while she was still in a relationship with Justin, but claims nothing more happened. She said that she confessed everything to Timberlake and that then he would forgive her.

'I felt like a robot child' - Britney also opened up about her father's 13-year conservatorship, detailing how Jamie Spears, 71, "controlled her body and her money" and "hurt" her with jokes, always telling her that she "thick". “The feeling of never being good enough depresses a child.”

She thought she was going to be killed by the snake she brought onto the MTV stage. Britney Spears' 2001 MTV VMA concert made history. She took the stage with a giant python, and although she looked very relaxed, Spears revealed in her book that she was afraid the snake would kill her. “It was an iconic moment in VMA history, but it was even more terrifying than it seemed,” she explained.

Britney no longer speaks to her father Jamie (Photo: Instagram)

She gave up her "freedom" to see her sons. Britney also opened up about how she paid with her "freedom" during her father's conservatorship to see her children, Jaden, 17, and Sean, 18, whom she had with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, 45. She dedicated this book to teenagers who have been living with their father for many years and have not communicated with their mother for a long time.

She praised her ex-husband Sam Asghari (30). “He was a gift from God,” she said of the man she divorced this year. “I immediately realized that I wanted him to be in my life. The chemistry between us was crazy in the beginning."

She dedicated the book to her children (Photo: Instagram)

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She hasn't forgiven anyone! 7 secrets revealed by Britney Spears in her new book