Pippa Middleton shows off her figure on vacation

She sunbathes with husband James Matthews on the beach in St. Barts. Kate Middleton's sister is vacationing with her family...

Pippa Middleton shows off her figure while sunbathing with husband James Matthews on the beach in St. Barts. Kate Middleton's sister is vacationing with her family. Pippa showed off her belly in a red bikini as she basked in the sun on the beach in St. Barths. She was pictured with her husband James Matthews.

The 39-year-old mother of three has been spotted surfing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. With her hair in a simple ponytail, Pippa looked chic in her eye-catching two-piece suit. The outfit was completed with stylish sunglasses.

Pippa Middleton shows off her figure on the beach

Pippa and James got married in May 2017. They have three children: Arthur, Grace and Rose. Even though they are always with the little ones, they seemed to enjoy every minute of their escape.

The younger sister of the Princess of Wales was previously spotted on the island during her winter break. She also went there with her brother James Middleton in December 2019. For a walk on the beach, Pippa's husband wore colorful shorts, as well as sunglasses.

Pippa Middleton in a two-piece swimsuit in St. Louis. Barts

The Matthews family owns the Eden Rock Resort on St. Barts, one of the region's most exclusive hotels. Celebrities such as Elton John, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have stayed at the resort.

James' parents, David and Jane Matthews, moved to St. Barts in September 1995. They bought Eden Rock from local adventurer Remy de Henin.

Pippa's prank came after her brother James Middleton spoke of the grief he experienced following the death of his therapy dog Ella. He also talked about how she and his family helped him overcome his depression.

James Middleton's dog dies

In an emotional tribute to his beloved dog, who died earlier this year at the age of 15, James said he was there for him during difficult times when he was going through "difficult thoughts."

James also spoke about how his sisters Pippa and Kate and their parents supported him during very difficult times. They had the patience to help him even when they couldn't fully understand what he was going through.

“I was very lucky that they were ready to take part. They realized that this is a process, there is no quick solution,” he said.

“And understanding how my mind works, which may be different than theirs or other people’s, is a very important part. It was the same process for me as it was for them, and I think. We all grew up with this as a family."

Ella helped him build a successful business

Ella inspired the entrepreneur who created the Ella & Co dog food brand and encouraged him to become a volunteer for the charity Pets as Therapy.

He explained that immersing himself in work and being surrounded by "lots of other dogs" helped him cope with the loss of his beloved pet.

“I was 20 years old when I first got it. I discovered myself as an adult, we grew up together, we discovered a lot of new things. She took care of me and I took care of her. Ella has been by our side for the past 15 years. At important moments in my life. It was a really difficult time to build the next phase of my life without her."

He explained that he would "never wish depression on anyone", but his experience made him "who I am now", adding that it helped the Middletons "grow as a family".

How his pet saved his life

James has previously said that Ella helped him overcome his clinical depression and "saved his life."

“Just being consistent with my life at a time when a lot of my friends, family and people around me were trying to help, they wanted to help, but it was hard for me to let them help.”

“She would just come up, press against me or put her head on my knee, just distract me, which helped me stop a really difficult thought that I had. Among other things, she was the essence for me, who was always there, looked into my eyes and gave me confidence that everything would be fine.

One of the other "many things" Ella did for James was to introduce him to his future wife. Her name is Alize Thevenet.

By the time of Ella's death, James and Alize had seven dogs.

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Pippa Middleton shows off her figure on vacation