TOP 15 most beautiful New Zealand women

New Zealand is the land of fairy-tale hobbits, unique aborigines and immigrants from various countries with an unstoppable thirst for life, among whom there are very charming girls and women who have managed to become famous throughout the world. It is about them, about 15 beauties from New Zealand, that we will now talk about.

#1 Rachel Hunter

Rachel was born in 1969 and from an early age she dreamed of becoming a professional ballerina. But, unfortunately, this dream of hers did not come true, however, she managed to make an excellent career as a model and actress, as well as a television presenter of one of the most popular music shows in the country.

Rachel Hunter in blue

Rachel Hunter in a black dress

#2 Ella Yelich O'Connor

Ella was born in 1996 and today she is a very famous musical performer, working under the stage name Lorde. She has a large number of music awards, including several Grammy awards, as well as two solo albums and a couple of big world tours.

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Ella Yelich O'Connor in black with jewelry

Ella Yelich O'Connor portrait

#3 Megan Gale

Megan was born in 1975, although in Australia, from where she moved to New Zealand in order to make a successful career as a model, actress and television presenter. It is worth noting that literally all her plans came true, moreover, she managed to work with many European and American brands of clothing and shoes, cosmetics and perfumes.

Megan Gale in a red dress

Megan Gale with wet hair

#4 Emily Robins

Emily is originally from England, where she was born in 1989. At the age of two or three years old, the parents moved the baby to New Zealand, where she grew up. Currently, Emily is a famous actress in local television series, which is loved by many around the world. Her acting career also includes a leading role in one of the soap operas, of which the girl is very proud.

Emily Robins at the ceremony

Emily Robins portrait

#5 Jessica Grace Smith

Jessica was born in 1988 and at the age of 12 she played her first role in a feature film produced by a New Zealand film studio. After this work, invitations followed to star in television series, not only in their homeland, but also in neighboring Australia. Today, Jessica is not only a recognizable actress, but also a very successful writer.

Jessica Grace Smith smiles

Jessica Grace Smith sitting on the grass

#6 Antonia Prebble

Antonia was born in 1984 and after school she decided to become a linguist, entered the New Zealand University and graduated with honors. During her studies, she often took part in university productions and became so interested in acting that today she actively plays in television series, acts in big films and hosts various children's programs on local television.

Antonia Prebble portrait

Antonia Prebble in a dress

No. 7 Angela Dotchin

Angela was born in 1974, at the age of 18 she got a role in a New Zealand television series and did a great job, and that’s how her acting career began. Today, the actress managed to star in many soap operas and even played in European and American cinema, and also tried to build a modeling career.

Angela Dotchin in cinema Angela Dotchin at a photo shoot

#8 Holly Cassidy

Holly was born in 1990 and at the age of 23 became the first girl from New Zealand to win the Miss Universe beauty pageant, which, by the way, was held in Moscow. After this, Holly actively began to build a career as a fashion model, posed for many glossy magazines and was the official face of a number of brands of perfume and cosmetics.

Holly Cassidy portrait

Holly Cassidy at the competition

No. 9 Riya van Dyk

Riya is another charming representative of New Zealand, born in 1989 in a family of immigrants from Holland. At the age of 19, Riya tried on her first crown as queen of a national beauty pageant, and a year later she got the opportunity to take part in Miss Universe.

Ria van Dik in a short black dress

Ria van Dik smiles

No. 10 Ella Drake

From a very early age, Ella became a real model, who was invited to appear in their videos by the most famous music groups in New Zealand and Australia. Ella’s huge and surprisingly deep eyes haunt fashion designers from all over the world, which is perhaps why the girl can boast of her very, very successful career in the modeling business.

Ella Drake at a fashion show

Ella Drake portrait

#11 Bridie Morris

Bridie is another charming and famous model with sky-blue eyes, who managed to make a name for herself at fashion shows in London, Milan, New York, and Paris. Bridey's modeling career began in her teens, when she actively advertised denim clothes for children, but now she prefers advertising chic underwear.

Bridie Morris portrait

Bridie Morris in shorts

#12 Jessica Clark

Jessica was born in 1993 and her modeling career began at age 11. At the age of 15, she was recognized as a professional model, and two years later - one of the highest paid and sought-after models in the world. Currently, Jessica combines her modeling career with filming in television series, and sometimes tries to act in films.

Jessica Clarke at a fashion show

Jessica Clarke on the beach

#13 Jody Gordon

Jodie was born in 1985 in Australia, in the family of an indigenous New Zealand Maori and an English mother. As a child, the girl dreamed of becoming a professional athlete and became seriously interested in netball. But Jodie’s unique beauty made its own adjustments, and having matured a little, the girl decided to star in her first photo shoot, the result of which extremely charmed representatives of London and Milan fashion houses. As a result, Jodi moved to Europe, where she now lives and works.

Jody Gordon cars

Jodi Gordon in Maxmi

No. 14 Ella Langsford

Ella was born in 1993 and today she is considered the most beautiful girl not only in her homeland, but also one of the most beautiful in the whole world. This is confirmed by several crowns that she won in various beauty contests held both in New Zealand and abroad.

Ella Langsford in a black coat

Ella Langsford in a white dress

#15 Aleisha Robertson

Aleisha was born in 1993 and grew up as a very charming girl who was invited to take part in a beauty pageant for teenagers when she was 15 years old and she won it. As a result, Aleisha was barely 16 years old, and she already had several contracts in her pocket with leading modeling agencies in her country. Of course, European fashion houses could not help but notice the beauty of this charming girl from New Zealand.

Aleisha Robertson portrait

So our top 15 charming representatives of the Cook Islands has come to an end. But this does not mean that we cannot remember Lucy Lawless - the incomparable Xena, warrior princess.

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TOP 15 most beautiful New Zealand women