Tragic news for fans of Alain Delon! “He won’t want to live anymore if...”

Tragic news for fans of the legendary French actor Alain Delon. The medical report revealed a terrible reality about his health. Doctors reportedly described him as frail and weak, both physically and psychologically.

According to the website Filmnow.ro, the medical report uses extremely alarming terms when talking about the health of the famous actor, who is now 88 years old. Among the doctors' biggest fears are the high risk of suicide, the diffuse pain that Alain Delon constantly experiences, and, last but not least, a "complete lack of insight."

It appears that this medical examination was carried out between September 13 and October 4, 2023, as it was necessary as part of the authorities' investigation. They took action following complaints lodged by the French actor's three children against Hiromi Rollin, who is the star's guardian and partner. Alain Delon's three sons described Rollin as a "social lady."

Alain Delon's health is more fragile than ever

The investigation expert closely monitored the changes that the actor’s health had undergone over several years. Already in 2019, a psychiatrist made an extremely alarming first diagnosis, talking about the depressive reaction that arose in Alain Delon after he suffered a vascular stroke.

“Mr Delon expresses disappointment and loss of confidence in his body. He repeatedly states that he no longer wants to live if he has to remain disabled or hospitalized,” wrote a psychiatrist who examined Alain Delon in 2019, according to a cited source.

Unfortunately, doctors noted a deterioration in the general health of the famous French actor. Alain Delon is also reported to be suffering from heart failure and pain throughout his body. It seems that the actor's condition is steadily deteriorating over time.

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Tragic news for fans of Alain Delon! “He won’t want to live anymore if...”