What is the secret of Tom Cruise's youth?

Tom Cruise looks and enjoys the physique many much younger men dream of. What is the secret of Tom Cruise's youth, health and fitness experts answer, The Canadian quotes.

“It’s rare to meet such people, but it’s not an impossible mission.” says Javi Pyres, a health coach, healthy habits and weight loss, who recalls other well-known cases in the industry, such as the case of Sylvester Stallone (75). ), Arnold Schwarzenegger (74 years old), Jean-Claude Van Damme (61 years old) or Keanu Reeves (57 years old). “These are people who have always taken care of themselves. Throughout his life, Cruz has made an effort to take care of his physical and mental health through regular exercise, physical activity, proper nutrition and, of course, well-defined sleep and rest rules,” says Javi Pyres.

Despite being 60 years old, Tom Cruise looks 20 years younger.

“I love sea kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill running, weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking… as many different activities as possible,” Cruz said, while coach Javi Pyres says these things don’t come overnight.

“In terms of muscle to fat ratio, Cruz looks pretty muscular, he's very strong, he looks determined. This is mainly due to strength training, with weights or own body weight. At least three or four days a week. They should also be combined with cardio workouts to increase endurance.”

In magazines such as Men's Health, Cruz explained that he kickboxes at the gym wherever he goes and cycles in combination with outdoor running and sprinting. “I enjoy sea kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill running, weightlifting, rock climbing, hiking, etc; as many different activities as I can,” he admitted in a 2018 interview.

In fact, Cruz only talks in public about his physical fitness and the promotion of his films, his personal life is a mystery. Cruise has been single since 2012, when he divorced his third wife, Katie Holmes, the mother of his only biological daughter, Suri. His first wife, Mimi Rogers, is said to have introduced him to the Church of Scientology, a sect that cost him his divorce from his second wife, Nicole Kidman, from whom he adopted two children. Today he ranks second in the organization to David Miscavige, "the savior of the free world," and claims that this belief cured his dyslexia.

Scientology, on the other hand, has nothing to do with its apparent youth. “His face shows a bit of 60 years,” Pires says.

The second richest actor in the world, according to Forbes, who estimated his fortune at $ 570 million in 2020, did not enter into any agreements with the devil, but has been using Botox and hyaluronic acid injections for more than 10 years.

But the muscles and physical condition are the result of hard work and a strict diet that have kept him in the "top" of the highest paid and most influential actors in Hollywood.

15 waiters and 1 personal chef

Instead of the classic three meals a day, The Last Samurai follows a diet of 15 "snacks" that include cranberries, organic nuts and dried fruit. His diet does not exceed 1200 calories, while very few carbohydrates are prepared by a personal chef who accompanies him everywhere, including on the set. Sugar is prohibited.

“To do stunts, you have to be in a certain physical condition,” notes Pires, and Tom Cruise is known for doing his own stunts.

In the third Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, for example, his character, Ethan Hunt, climbs the Burj Khalifa (at 828 meters, it is the tallest building in the world). Because Cruz wanted to climb the outer skyscrapers in Dubai, but industrial insurance didn't allow it, he hired another company himself.

However, in the sixth installment of the saga, he had a spectacular accident in which he broke his ankle while jumping between two rooftops separated by almost 10 meters. But the scene ended, as it was captured by cameras from three angles.

It is often said about Tom Cruise that although "he will not be the best actor in history, because although he has three Golden Globes, but he does not have an Oscar, he is not the shortest, although not tall, but he is the most wild".

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What is the secret of Tom Cruise's youth?