20 months of torture for Bruce Willis! How the actor looks and feels now

Bruce Willis (68), one of America's best-known actors, retired from film last year after suffering health problems. From then until now, it has been a difficult journey for both him and his family. His rock at the moment is his wife Emma Heming (45), with whom he has two little girls, Mabel (11) and Evelyn (9).

Bruce Willis stepped away from the spotlight last year

March 2022. Bruce Willis' family says the "Hard to Kill" star has been diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that makes it difficult to communicate. “This is a truly difficult time for our family and we appreciate your continued love, compassion and support. We are going through this together and wanted to let his fans know because we know how much he means to you, just as you mean a lot to him,” the press release said at the time.

April 2022. Bruce Willis, worth $250 million, was seen for the first time since being diagnosed with aphasia, just weeks after leaving Hollywood. The actor's wife Emma Heming Willis shared a photo with fans on Instagram after a walk in the woods. The star looked good and smiled. “Mom and dad in their favorite environment,” she captioned the photo.

February 2023. Bruce Willis's eldest daughter Rumer, 35, announced that her father's aphasia had developed into frontotemporal dementia.. “Since we announced Bruce's diagnosis of aphasia in the spring of 2022, his condition has progressed and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia. Unfortunately, communication problems are just one symptom of the illness Bruce faces. Although it’s painful, it’s nice to finally get a clear diagnosis,” the actress explained.

March 19, 2022, on your birthday, with the whole family (Photo: Instagram)

March 2023. On March 19, the star celebrated her birthday with her family. He was joined by his ex-wife Demi Moore, 60, their three daughters Rumer, Talullah Belle, 29, and Scout LaRue, as well as his current wife and their little girls. “Happy Birthday, Bruce Willis! I am very glad that I was able to congratulate you today. I love you and I love your family!” — Demi Moore wrote next to a video featuring the actor and his three daughters.

He lost the will to live

April 2023 Bruce Willis became a grandfather. Rumer Willis gave birth to a girl named Luetta Isley Thomas, the first granddaughter of a Hollywood star. A few months later, in June 2023, the actress also posted the first photo of her father holding little Louetta: “The photo of my father holding my daughter today is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

He became a grandfather on April 18, 2023 (Photo: Instagram)

October 2023 Producer Glenn Gordon Caron, a good friend of the actor, told the New York Post that the star had lost interest in life: “He doesn't have all those language skills anymore, but he's still Bruce. When you're with him, you know he's Bruce and you're grateful he's here, but his zest for life has gone. What makes his illness so disgusting is that if you've spent any time with Bruce Willis, you know that there is no one who has a greater zest for life than him. He loved getting up every morning and trying to live life to the fullest, but now he lives as if he is looking at life through a very small door.”

November 19, 2023, Bruce's latest photo (Photo: Profimedia)

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20 months of torture for Bruce Willis! How the actor looks and feels now