Julia Fox is more naked than she is dressed! She went outside in a "sheet"

Julia Fox (34 years old) shocks again! Recently, the Italian-American actress was photographed in an unusual outfit at Fashion Week in New York. The star chose a white bodysuit with a low-covering bow, a matching cape and an unusual hat.

Fans compared her outfit to a sheet, and indeed it is! To accessorise, the star chose a heart-shaped satin bag and wore white textile ankle boots with a pointed toe on her feet.

 Julia Fox is more naked than she is dressed! He went outside in a "sheet"

Julia Fox previously dated famous rapper Kanye West

Julia Fox, worth $30 million, rose to fame after dating rapper Kanye West, but is now single. They were only together for six weeks, but their relationship was widely publicized during that time. Fox and West met at a New Year's party. They separated about a month later, in February 2022. Previously, the actress stated that she agreed to be the artist’s girlfriend so that he would leave his ex-wife Kim Kardashian alone.

She starred in the film "Uncut Gems" along with the famous actor Adam Sandler. The actress has a son, Valentino (3 years old), from a relationship with pilot Pyotr Artemyev.

“He sent me messages, but I didn’t really respond. I really didn't want to talk to anyone famous again. Nothing good ever comes out of such relationships. The stars are kind of boring. I am not what the world thinks I am. But then I had the thought, “God, maybe I can get him to leave Kim alone.” Maybe I could distract him, just make him love me, and I knew that if anyone could do that, I was that person. Because when I think about something, it becomes reality,” Julia Fox has said in the past.

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Julia Fox is more naked than she is dressed! She went outside in a "sheet"