TOP 20 most beautiful volleyball players in the world

In every sport there are attractive girls and women, volleyball is no exception in this sense. Women began to play this game for a long time, many of them managed to demonstrate their sports talent, as well as significant achievements in this sport. It is about them, about the 20 most charming and talented volleyball players in the world that will be discussed now.

#1 Jacqueline Carvalho

Jacqueline Carvalho

Brazilian Jacqueline was born in 1983, today she is a two-time Olympic champion and plays for the Sao Paulo volleyball club. However, she managed to gain experience in a number of European clubs and teams, after which she returned home, got married and gave birth to a son, whom she is now actively raising.

№2 Sana Anarkulova

Sana Anarkulova

Sana was born in 1989 in Russia and is currently a master of sports in international class volleyball. The beauty plays in the Almaty volleyball club, has Kazakh citizenship and defends the sporting honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan at international competitions.

#3 Manon Flier

Manon Flier

Dutch Manon was born in 1984. She has been repeatedly recognized as the most talented volleyball player in her country, and one of the best in Europe. In her box of sports awards there are several medals and one of them is silver.

№4 Lesya Evdokimova

Lesya Evdokimova

Ukrainian Lesya was born in 1981, she played for her homeland and for the Russian team. Currently he plays in Dynamo Kazan, has a champion title and the title of Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, as well as several photo shoots for men's magazines, including Maxim.

#5 Martina Guigi

Martina Guigi

Italian Martina was born in 1984 and currently plays in the Novara volleyball club. Beauty, or rather the real model appearance allowed Martina to achieve certain heights in the modeling business.

#6 Juliet Lazcano

Juliet Lazcano

Juliet was born in Argentina in 1984. Today she is one of the most talented volleyball players in her country, and is also considered a fatal beauty who managed to win the hearts of many men.

#7 Helena Havelkova

Helena Havelkova

Czech Helena was born in 1988, she is currently a permanent member of the national team of her country. While playing in the Italian volleyball club "Busto", she became the champion of Italy, and while playing in the Chinese "Shanghai Dunlop" - the champion of China.

№8 Taisa Pallezi

 Taisa Daher Pallezi

Brazilian Taisa was born in Rio in 1987. Today, this Brazilian beauty is a two-time Olympic champion and plays for the Exachibashi volleyball club (Turkey).

#9 Laura Dykema

Laura Dykema

Dutch Laura was born in 1990. She successfully performed in the national team of her country, in which she became the bronze Olympic champion, and currently plays in one of the women's Italian volleyball clubs.

#10 Anna Danesi

Anna Danesi

Italian Anna was born in 1996. So far, this young and charming beauty does not have any significant achievements in the treasury of sports awards, but she has already managed to play in Brazil and Turkey, and again return to her homeland.

No. 11 Jovana Brakocevic

Jovana Bracocevic

Serbian Jovana was born in 1988 and at the age of 25 was recognized as the best European volleyball player. As part of the national team of her country, Jovana became the silver Olympic champion, and many times she was recognized as the best athlete in her form at international competitions.

№12 Yana Shcherban

Yana Shcherban

Yana is from Kyrgyzstan, where she was born in 1989. At the age of 26, she was invited to play for the Russian national team, and she agreed, becoming today the master of sports in volleyball of the Russian Federation. Currently, the girl plays for the capital's Dynamo and has multiple championship titles.

#13 Kelsey Robinson

Kelsey Robinson

American Kelsey, born in 1992, began to play volleyball as a schoolgirl, continued her sports career in her student years. Currently, in her treasury of sports awards there are Olympic bronze and silver, a lot of club achievements and the gold of the World Championship.

№14 Tatyana Kosheleva

Tatyana Kosheleva

Tatyana is from Belarus, it was there that the girl was born in 1988. Currently, she is a multiple champion of Russia and Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in volleyball, as well as a member of the Kaliningrad team.

#15 Wilmary Mojica

Wilmary Mojica

Puerto Rican Wilmari Mojica was born in 1985, she is a multiple winner of the Panama Games and the Cup. In addition, she managed to make a good career in the modeling business and repeatedly starred for sports magazines.

16 Alessia Orro

Alessia Orro

The Italian Alessia, despite her young age (born in 1998), has already managed to become a bright star in the sports arena of her country, Europe and the world as a whole. She is so talented that she made her debut in the adult women's team of her country at the Olympic Games when she was barely 18 years old.

#17 Sheila Castro

Sheila Castro

Brazilian Sheila was born in 1983 and began to play volleyball very early. Currently, she is a two-time Olympic champion, as well as the wife of the famous Brazilian volleyball player Brenno Blascioli and the mother of charming twins.

#18 Marie Paraiba

Marie Paraiba volleyball player

Another Brazilian named Marie was born in 1986. Today, this athlete is called not only the most talented Brazilian volleyball player, but also the most beautiful. It is probably not worth listing all her awards, since there are very, very many of them. We can only say that Marie has decided to end her sports career and is trying herself today as a television presenter.

№19 Alena Malysheva-Pelk

Alena Malysheva-Pelk

Alena was born in Ukraine in 1984. At the age of 26, Alena takes second place in the national competition of sports beauties, and at the age of 32 she is recognized as one of the 10 most beautiful volleyball players in the world. Alena currently lives and works in France.

№20 Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova

Natalia was born in Ukraine in 1989. In her homeland, Natalya manages to win many awards while performing at junior competitions, but at the age of 18 she accepts the invitation of Dynamo Moscow and moves to live and work in the Russian Federation. Currently, Natalia is considered one of the most popular and beloved Russian volleyball players.

It is worth suggesting that after getting acquainted with our list of charming and undoubtedly talented volleyball players in the world, many of you were prompted by the desire to watch this game more often and cheer for the beauties from our list, or to find your favorites.

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TOP 20 most beautiful volleyball players in the world