Bradley Cooper, fast food restaurant salesman in New York. A complete surprise for customers. VIDEO

Bradley Cooper, the famous actor and director, left the spotlight for a day and plunged into the world of cooking. Making a surprise appearance in New York's West Village, the "Maestro" star has become the chef behind a food truck, offering New Yorkers a unique flavor experience.

Bradley Cooper and Danny and Koopa's Cheesesteaks Truck

Cooper joined the culinary team at Angelo's Pizzeria in his hometown of South Philadelphia to prepare and serve the famous Philly cheesesteaks. The food truck, Danny & Coop's Cheesesteaks, caught the attention of passersby and became a meeting place for curious foodies.

Lunch with Bradley Cooper

In addition to his delicious, expertly crafted sandwiches, Cooper brings his natural charm to the kitchen. Danny DiGiampietro, co-owner of Angelo's Pizzeria, called the actor a "natural" in the food industry. The line-up of customers included celebrities such as Laura Dern and Gigi Hadid, who came to enjoy the authentic flavors of this unique duo.

Generosity and charity

With an open heart, Cooper and his team provided New Yorkers with not only a memorable dining experience, but also a noble cause. All proceeds from the sale of the cheesesteaks, at ten dollars each, will be donated to food charities. “100% of proceeds will help feed New Yorkers in need,” read the menu sign.

From the screen to the kitchen

Known for his memorable roles, including that of a chef in 2015's Burnt, Bradley Cooper proves his talents extend to the kitchen. At the intersection of the film and culinary worlds, Cooper and DiGiampietro aim to open a cheesesteak shop in New York City. They reveal this dream and share it with fans through an Instagram account dedicated to “Danny & Coop's”.

Bradley Cooper managed to bring the magic of Hollywood to the world of street food, surprising and delighting New York with a real culinary feast. In addition to the delicious Philly cheesesteaks, the event also featured the generosity of the actor, who turned an ordinary day into an occasion of charity and culinary pleasure for the residents of the West Village.

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Bradley Cooper, fast food restaurant salesman in New York. A complete surprise for customers. VIDEO