The bizarre therapy that Bradley Cooper does every day. What doctors say about its effectiveness

Bradley Cooper, one of the most famous American actors and directors, is a big fan of cold therapy! He said he takes a cold dip every morning and experts say how effective the habit, which is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and celebrities, really is.

According to adevarul.ro, Bradley Cooper is by no means the only celebrity who practices this form of therapy. Justin Bieber has spoken about the beneficial effects of cold water immersion in stimulating muscle recovery.

This method was promoted by extreme sports practitioner Wim Hof. In fact, the method is even named after a Dutch athlete who claims that cold therapy can improve concentration, reduce stress and help a person be more energetic.

What experts say about cold therapy

Despite the praise received from athletes and celebrities, medical research into the effectiveness of this method remains very limited. Andrew Jagim, director of sports medicine research at the Mayo Clinic Health System, says cold water immersion can limit muscle inflammation after exercise.

He said this would be possible by inducing a state of “vasoconstriction, where blood vessels rapidly constrict to redirect blood flow to central organs,” according to the cited source. Experts also say that cold water immersion acts like any other stimulant, because when we enter cold water, the level of stress hormones increases.

Of course, this method also comes with risks. Cardiac stress, high blood pressure, hypothermia or skin damage may be among the problems caused by this method. Just 2 minutes of exposure to cold water should be enough to trigger a cold shock reaction.

“Some people with chronic medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease or autoimmune diseases that affect circulation, may want to consult their GP before cold diving to minimize the risks of adverse reactions,” he added. source.

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The bizarre therapy that Bradley Cooper does every day. What doctors say about its effectiveness