Bradley Cooper's new conquest is a famous model! The actor is 20 years older. “She wants to get into acting.”

The relationship between Gigi Hadid (28) and Bradley Cooper (48) seems to be moving to another level. They were spotted together in New York, but recently they did something no one expected! Here's what close sources said.

How these two met

After the pair were spotted heading back to New York in the same car on Saturday, a source told The Messenger that the supermodel was "definitely interested and excited" when the Oscar-winning actor first invited her to town. to a new level.

“Gigi met Bradley through Irina. [Shayk] and their mutual friends in the industry,” shares the source. “Gigi and Irina (Bradley's ex-wife) have been close for years while working together, and Gigi and Bradley have dated together before, but it was always a friendly relationship. in a social environment. Gigi and Bradley have been keeping in touch lately and became close through their daughter when Bradley asked her out," the source said.

“They saw each other from time to time, but only recently. Gigi said that she does not want a serious relationship. They have a lot in common and both relate to the role of parents in this industry. She wants to get into acting and is intrigued by Bradley's perspective and direction. Things are very casual between them now,” the source added.

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They spent their first night together

Moreover, the two seem to be getting closer. According to the Deux U podcast, they spent the night at singer Taylor Swift's residence in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, The Mirror reports.

In an interview with People, a source close to them said that they are trying to get to know each other better, but prefer to move forward with caution.

“They have fun together. She's independent, has a busy schedule, and her days are full of commitments, so I don't think anything serious will happen between them," a source told People.

These two seem to be very busy with both their careers and family life. Hadid, in particular, is busy raising her daughter Kaya with Zayn Malik. At the same time, he is working on a clothing collection that he wants to release. It's likely her desire to enter the world of acting brought her closer to Cooper, but perhaps the relationship will develop into something more serious.

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Bradley Cooper's new conquest is a famous model! The actor is 20 years older. “She wants to get into acting.”