Colors of 2024 in interior design: how to tastefully decorate your home

If one of your goals for 2024 is to update your home, be sure to consider the year's color trends! Next year, both delicate and bold shades will be in fashion. Discover a small selection of them in the photo gallery below!

One of the 2024 colors will be “Cracked Pepper,” a dark shade of black similar to black pepper. It's an elegant color that offers a unique feel (see images in the photo gallery below!). You can use it to paint the walls in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. You can also safely choose such furniture. Sinks in this shade will also be fashionable.

Refresh blue

If dark shades aren't your thing, you can opt for Renew Blue, a light ocean blue with a hint of green. This shade creates a feeling of peace and is suitable for people who want to enjoy a calm atmosphere in their home. Renew Blue doors will be in great demand!


Another shade of blue is Thermal, described as a “fluid, invigorating and calming blue.” This could be a great option for bedroom, kitchen or guest bedroom walls. It can also be used for children's room.


And green will be in fashion, namely Ironside, a dark shade of olive green. For a bold touch, you can furnish or accessorize your home with this color. Ironside can be the perfect shade for a feature wall in a kitchen or living room.


A warm shade suitable for people who want to bring tranquility into their home is Limitless, a beige option that is great for the front door, living room and bedroom walls. Also, kitchen furniture of this shade will be fashionable in the coming year.

Graham and Brown

Those who love the outdoors may enjoy the Graham & Brown shade of green, which is great for use as an accent wall in a living room or entryway. Cabinets of this shade with gold fittings will also be fashionable.

Cracked pepper jpeg

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Colors of 2024 in interior design: how to tastefully decorate your home