Foods that become toxic if stored in the refrigerator

Not all foods can be stored in the refrigerator. This method makes some toxic. See which ones are on the list of those that should be stored at room temperature!

A refrigerator is necessary to keep food fresh for a long time, but it is not necessary for every type of food. Some foods are not suitable for refrigeration at all. Gastroenterology specialist and British doctor Dimple Jangda used the social network Instagram to explain this to her more than 500,000 followers. She paid particular attention to four foods that can become toxic if kept cold.

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Of all the foods we would want to keep in the refrigerator, ginger is one of the foods that can grow mold. Due to the damp and cold environment, fresh ginger becomes moldy very quickly. Consumption in this manner may contribute to kidney and liver failure.

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We Romanians are used to adding garlic to many dishes to give them extra flavor. Pay attention to the place where we store garlic! If you put it in the refrigerator, it can also become moldy in a very short time, especially if it has already been cleaned.

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A British doctor has warned that garlic mold is linked to serious illnesses including cancer. Moreover, researchers from the American Cornell University, quoted by, noticed that garlic bulbs have low acidity, which makes them prone to Clostridium botulinum, the causative agent of diseases such as botulism. Therefore, always buy unpeeled garlic and store it in the pantry or in a dry, dark place.

Cooked rice

Another trend is to store cooked rice in the refrigerator. Some do this because of starch tolerance and the belief that refrigeration helps maintain normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels. British researchers from the University of Surrey noticed that starch breaks down when foods containing it are cooked in water. However, upon cooling, the structure is reorganized, the starch becomes resistant and is no longer easily decomposed at the intestinal level, behaving like fibers. In fact, cooked rice is one of the fastest growing moldy foods in the refrigerator. If it is left on the counter, be sure to keep it cold for no more than 24 hours.


If you leave half an onion in the refrigerator, it may become unhealthy. It is resistant to low temperatures, but if you put it in the refrigerator, the starch it contains begins to turn into sugar and form mold.

Many people choose to keep the rest of the onions cold after chopping them so they can use them later in another dish, however, as soon as you leave them there, they will begin to grow harmful bacteria and mold.

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Foods that become toxic if stored in the refrigerator