How to dry clothes faster indoors without a dryer. This way you keep them fresh!

In winter, the drying time for clothes increases, especially if you don’t have a dryer. Try these other ways to cut down on the washing time of clothes you just took out of the washing machine!

Many people are looking for different ways to cut down on energy costs, and it can be difficult not to use the dryer when clothes need to be dried quickly. However, there are always new ways to achieve the desired result.

Caroline Solomon, also known on TikTok as @neat.caroline, shared a simple method she often uses to shave about two hours off the time it takes to dry clothes by hand. Demonstrating what she needed to do, Caroline began by laying out a large towel with a wet T-shirt at the base. He rolled the entire towel, starting from the base upward. The next step was to press the towel down to absorb any excess moisture. Finally he unwrapped the towel and laid the T-shirt out to dry. So, she noticed that clothes dry in one to two hours.

"Those who need to dry their clothes faster can use a hair dryer after using the towel method," Caroline explained.

Deyan Dimitrov, a British cleaning expert, also gave the Daily Express some tips on how to quickly dry clothes in the cold.

Take advantage of warmer spaces in your home

After removing clothes from the washing machine, place them in a well-ventilated area or in warmer areas of the house. It is important to think carefully before placing your drying rack.

After washing, clothes should be laid out away from the walls. This will allow air to circulate while drying clothes and will prevent moisture from getting between the clothes and the walls. Hang each coat separately on a stand or coat rack, leaving plenty of space between it and the others.

How to remove unpleasant smell from laundry

To prevent clothes from smelling damp or musty while drying, you can preheat them before hanging them on the drying rack.

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Place each washed item on a flat surface and cover it with a clean towel, then quickly iron the surface. This heat will begin to dry out your clothes and the towel will absorb excess moisture.

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How to dry clothes faster indoors without a dryer. This way you keep them fresh!