Do you put eggs on the refrigerator door? This is mistake. That's why!

A refrigerator is an indispensable appliance, and in order to enjoy fresh food for as long as possible, you must take into account the rules for its use. Avoid the following mistakes and use it correctly!

Overfilling your refrigerator is a common mistake. The more food plates, jars, casseroles and pans you have in your refrigerator, the more air will not circulate properly. This means vents will be blocked, food won't cool properly, and the refrigerator will have to use more energy, which means higher costs on your energy bills. Another disadvantage is that you may not notice spoiled food in the back of the refrigerator.

Do you use fruit and vegetable drawers?

Don't avoid putting vegetables and fruits in special compartments! These boxes are specially designed to keep fresh food longer. The humidity here is higher than in other compartments of the refrigerator, which means that lettuce, peppers, mushrooms and fruits will stay fresh longer.

Another mistake: storing eggs on the refrigerator door

Another problem is storing eggs on the refrigerator door. Perhaps because the refrigerator has an egg holder, but it is best to place it on the bottom shelf of the appliance. The temperature in the door area fluctuates more than other parts of the refrigerator, and eggs can spoil faster.

Uncovered plates of food

Many people have the habit of putting plates of leftover food in the refrigerator. This is a mistake because they can cause an unpleasant odor and cause the food to dry out faster. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the remaining products with cling film or place them in a casserole with a lid.

Don't forget to clean it periodically!

Another mistake is not cleaning the refrigerator regularly. It is correct that it should be disinfected every 3 months, which includes emptying the entire device and deep cleaning it. It is also necessary to wipe it with water and lemon or vinegar once a week to remove any possible bacteria.

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Do you put eggs on the refrigerator door? This is mistake. That's why!