A new round of development for the Moslab Factory company

The Moslabel Factory company, a leading Russian label manufacturer, is entering a new era of its development. Over 10 years of work on the market, it has turned into a high-tech enterprise with a modern fleet of equipment and a wide range of products. What does the future hold for the company and what innovations is it preparing for its clients in 2024?

New Horizons

If at first the Moslabel Factory specialized only in the production of woven labels, today the range of products approved for production includes over 50 items. These are labels and other thematic products of various types: from traditional woven and printed to innovative PVC, leatherette and even 3D 3D labels.

woven labels
Woven labels are a time-tested label type

The company does not stand still and is constantly expanding its production capabilities. The latest technologies are being introduced to create truly unique products. At the same time, the quality remains consistently high thanks to careful control at all stages.

Advantages of Moslabile Factory products

  • A wide range of. The company produces more than 50 types label products for a wide variety of industries. The list of products includes additional types PVC accessories, specialized chevrons, satin ribbons and business cards with individual exclusive designs.
  • High quality. Only tested and certified materials are used in production. All products, without exception, are subject to testing in accordance with in-house and generally accepted quality control methods.
  • Efficiency. Thanks to our production capacity, orders are completed in the shortest possible time.
  • Individual approach. Personal support for each of the Moslabel Factory clients is guaranteed at all stages of work.
  • Innovative technologies. The company introduces the most modern technologies into production, which allow it to produce unique products.

The main trump card of the Moslabel Factory is an individual approach to the orders and requirements of each client. Customers are offered assistance from designers in label development, prompt feedback from managers, and the ability to track all stages of production online.

New items for 2024

This year the company is preparing truly revolutionary new products for its customers. This is a breakthrough not only for the Moslabel Factory itself, but for the entire industry.

One of the most anticipated new products is the highest premium woven labels. They will be manufactured using a unique patented technology using the latest high-tech materials. The main advantages of such labels are increased wear resistance and incredible resistance to external influences.

Chevrons on hot-melt adhesive base
Durable chevrons based on thermal adhesive

Another revolutionary development - eco-leather for label production. This material is not inferior to natural leather in quality, but is much more environmentally friendly and affordable. It can be assumed that eco-leather products will become a new word in the fashion industry.

In addition, a new generation of self-adhesive labels made using multilayer coating technologies. Such labels will have increased adhesion and secure attachment.

Manufacturing business cards for any purpose, including corporate requests, has received a new impetus in development thanks to the introduction of technology capabilities associated with the use of machine intelligence capabilities in the formation of individual style and design. Now and order business cards possible with a truly unique design that reflects the essence of the company or expresses individual personality.

Business cards
Exclusive business cards

The company also plans to produce exclusive volumetric labels of fancy shapes made of PVC. They will become a real decoration for any product and will allow you to realize truly bold and creative design ideas.

In general, as can be seen from the new products, the company "Factory Moslabel" is not going to stop and fixate on what has been achieved. The company's team will continue to surprise customers with innovative developments and bring label production to a new technological level. So there are still many discoveries and victories ahead of this enterprise!

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A new round of company development