What you should never strive for. Products that break your device or make your work difficult

A vacuum cleaner is a great helper in cleaning the house, but this “miracle” device is not designed to remove all dirt. Some products can damage its components, while others lie on the floor and make your work difficult. Therefore, we tell you that you should not inhale!

Dust particles, hair, cobwebs, crumbs, and food debris from floors, carpets and furniture can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. But since your goal is to clean your home, it is best to avoid vacuuming some products as they may spill onto surfaces and the results will not be what you want. For example, makeup is not vacuumed because the powder spreads quickly and leaves colored marks on the surface. It is best to remove makeup with a broom and a damp cloth with a little detergent applied. Here are other foods you shouldn't vacuum!

Products that can damage your vacuum cleaner

If you spill milk, juice, water or other liquid on the floor, avoid using a vacuum cleaner, as contact with liquids may damage the vacuum cleaner motor or cause mold to grow inside, causing an unpleasant odor! It is best to use a mop and a dry cloth.

Hot ash can damage your vacuum cleaner as it clogs the filters and sticks to the inside of the vacuum cleaner. In the worst case, this can cause a fire, so do not vacuum, but use a special seeder!

Flour, baking soda and baking powder will clog vacuum cleaner filters and reduce suction power, so clean these small items with a broom or damp cloth.

Most people know that it is not good to put coffee grounds in the drain because they can clog, but the same thing can happen if the grounds are going to be vacuumed up. Just like plumbing, coffee grounds can clog your vacuum cleaner's pipes, filters, and tubes.

Also avoid vacuuming sticky products such as glue, honey or maple syrup! They can clog the hose, brush and other internal parts of the vacuum cleaner. If the substance is perishable, mold may form inside the device.

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What you should never strive for. Products that break your device or make your work difficult