Do you often use the washing machine and dishwasher? This mistake can cause coughing fits and nasal congestion.

A mistake many people make when removing laundry from the washing machine can cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and runny nose.

Many of us use our washing machine several times a week. This is a fast and effective method that prolongs the life of clothing and provides a more thorough cleaning than hand washing. In addition, a dishwasher helps you save water and makes washing dishes easier. However, according to, few of us read the instruction manual when purchasing, and neglecting one detail can be detrimental.

This will prevent mold from forming!

The machines that help you wash dishes and do laundry can have different settings to perform different tasks and certain rules that you must follow.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when using a washing machine is closing the door immediately after loading the laundry. This means that much-needed air is not circulating inside the device. This is a detail to remember. Failure to dry the inside of the device creates an environment conducive to the development of mold, which can impart an unpleasant odor, including to clothing, the next time you wash it.

Mold that forms inside a washing machine or dishwasher can cause symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and nasal congestion over time, so it is important to leave the washing machine slightly open for several hours after use, or even continuously between washes.

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What should you pay attention to when removing mold from your washing machine?

Mold growth is common in washing machines. Mold should be removed regularly to prevent health problems and ensure your clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

What you can do is clean the inside with a cloth soaked in a bleach-based mildew cleaner. Particular attention should be paid to the rubber gasket.

Also try to clean the filter, which is usually located in the lower corner of the front of the machine. It would be ideal to do this every month or every month and a half to remove unwanted dirt. With these simple methods, you can extend the life of your device as well as its efficiency.

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Do you often use the washing machine and dishwasher? This mistake can cause coughing fits and nasal congestion.