5 Smart Ideas for a Minimalist Kitchen

In the world of interior design, minimalist design has been trending for several years. This style of home decor is attracting more and more people with its emphasis on simplicity, efficient use of space, and a lack of clutter in everyday life.

The kitchen is the perfect place to bring the principles of minimalism to life and transform the space into a calm and functional space, ideal for expressing your culinary creativity. Below we offer you 5 smart solutions for creating a minimalist kitchen.

1. Use neutral colors

Whether your kitchen is large or small, a minimalist style will fit perfectly. The goal is to create a space that is as airy and open as possible while at the same time evoking a sense of balance. Overall, a minimalist kitchen is dominated by neutral colors, tastefully complemented by accessories and special details. Here are the main colors recommended for a minimalist kitchen:

  • Dark white is a shade of white that fades slightly to gray or cream, giving a modern and clean look;
  • Warm gray is another versatile option that will complement your minimalist kitchen, adding sophistication without overwhelming the space;
  • Gray is a mixture of gray and beige, combining the neutrality of gray and the warm atmosphere of beige; will help you create a cozy space and at the same time have a spacious kitchen.

2. Choose built-in appliances

In a minimalist kitchen, built-in appliances play an important role. They are easily integrated into the furniture body and maintain a uniform and consistent appearance. Choose to turn on the refrigerator, oven or dishwasher.

For example, by choosing CARS from washed built-in vessels or slim gives you several advantages:

  • Easily integrates into kitchen cabinets - gives a uniform, modern and minimalist look;
  • Takes up less space – there are also slim models with a width of only 45 cm or models with a worktop that can easily be integrated into most kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, you can choose a slim 11-set dishwasher model;
  • Special functions and technologies - there are built-in dishwashers with a glass washing function, an eco-wash and others. Plus, special technologies like HomeWhiz WiFi help you control your dishwasher from your phone or tablet. Moreover, with this technology you can control all compatible equipment in your home. This way you will know when the wash cycle ends, how much time is left in the program or whether the detergent has run out.

3. Choose functional and minimalist furniture.

Minimalist furniture with simple lines is essential for a kitchen designed in the same way. Here are some recommendations:

  • Carefully inspect the kitchen - measure the available space, think about how much you will use the kitchen. Furniture should fit easily without being crowding;
  • Determine what you need: Minimalist style emphasizes the essentials. Choose strictly those pieces of furniture that you use;
  • Choose multi-functional items - for example, you can choose a table or island with storage;
  • Provides free space between cabinets and shelves.

4. Give preference to natural light

Natural light is another key element of minimalist kitchen design. See some useful tips for arrangement:

  • Choose glass doors for your cabinets;
  • Use quartz or marble kitchen countertops in white, cream or beige - they reflect light very well;
  • Choose glossy tiles in natural tones - they will also reflect light.
  • In the evening, use spotlights in the closet area and a task light above the island or counter.

5. Use simple and modern accessories

In a minimalist kitchen, accessories should combine functionality with elegant design. A special cutlery holder, small appliances in the same color, the use of bamboo wood cutters, and stainless steel accessories are just a few elements that will tastefully complement a minimalist kitchen.

Limit the use of decorative elements without a specific purpose, which can weigh down the space. Choose accessories with a modern design, straight lines that give you a feeling of peace and balance.

Kitchens in the minimalist style are very suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle, always on the move, who, once at home, are looking for an oasis of peace and quiet. Neutral colors, simple cabinetry, built-in appliances and subtle accessories will help complement this style in your kitchen.

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5 Smart Ideas for a Minimalist Kitchen