Gardening Tips You Didn't Know About Paste Water, Gold for Plants

As the days of winter end and the warmth of spring begins to feel, we begin to worry about the appearance of our garden. If you love gardening too, we present you with a few tricks that can help you in the coming period!

Did you know that many kitchen ingredients like cinnamon can do wonders for your garden? And if you haven't already, now is the time to stock up on the following household items for the upcoming season!

Cinnamon prevents fungal diseases

Spraying seedlings with cinnamon water prevents the occurrence of fungal diseases that can affect the health of young plants. You can also apply a light dusting of cinnamon to the surface of the soil. Thus, a protective barrier is formed against harmful fungal spores, and the plants thrive in a healthy environment.

Epsom salt helps roses grow

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, acts as a natural fertilizer as it improves soil vitality and helps roses grow. This is due to its magnesium and sulfate content, two essential minerals for plants. Unlike commercial fertilizers, Epsom salts contain no chemicals and do not accumulate in the soil. All you need to do is sprinkle the soil with Epsom salt from time to time. This trick also works for potted plants, but you need to mix Epsom salts with water and water the flowers with the salt solution once a month.

Do you know that... Is Epsom salt good for growing tomatoes and peppers?

Paste water, gold for plants

When you cook pasta, eggs, or vegetables, it's a good idea to conserve this water because it can leach out important nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and calcium. This water is good for plants, and after it has cooled, it is good to water flowers with it, as it acts as a natural fertilizer.

Plastic forks repel pests

Often discarded after meals, these humble utensils can benefit plants. Plastic forks prevent animals from stepping on your favorite flowers. Just stick the forks around the plants in the garden!

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Gardening Tips You Didn't Know About Paste Water, Gold for Plants