4 useful bathroom design tips

The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but when it comes to remodeling, the decisions involved can be overwhelming. From floor to ceiling, from toilet to bathtub and everything in between, the design choices for a bathroom are endless.

Every homeowner must make decisions, from choosing accessories and finishes to choosing colors and tile patterns. Here are four top tips from interior design professionals to help you make smart remodeling decisions.

1. Work with what you have

Major layout changes can result in a dramatic increase in budget. If you're on a budget, like most homeowners, it's best to keep the original look of the bathroom. You will be surprised how new the bathroom can look with new materials and lighting fixtures! If you need more space in a small bathroom, consider replacing your existing theme with a floating one, or opt for a smaller theme if you don't need every square inch of storage space. Leaving some free space will make your bathroom appear larger. Doors to the bathroom can also take up space. Make sure your door opens outward rather than inward, or better yet, consider installing a sliding door to save even more space.

2. Make your lights the center of attention

Vintage-style light fixtures are trendy, but original ones, like those from the 1960s, don't count. Hard water or mold can build up in old elements, causing costly problems down the road. That being said, old is new, so you can look for lighting fixtures that are reminiscent of a simpler era. A vintage sink, soapstone, built-in toilet or glass handle can be a stunning accent in a modern bathroom. If you don't like the vintage vibe, there are plenty of other options, from traditional to elegant and modern. The combination of old and new is the main secret of designers. Just make sure the finishes complement each other.

3. Rethink the bath

This isn't a common problem with large bathtubs, but if it takes longer to design than bubble bath, consider fixing it, especially in the master bathroom. A bathtub that is used several times a year is not worth the space it occupies. Instead, use those square footage for a stunning walk-in shower with a useful bench and shelf. You will use it much more often and you won't have to put in as much effort to keep it clean.

4. Use natural light

Sunlight is a natural mood booster (who couldn't use a little more energy on a Monday morning?) and can affect how colors look at different times of the day. So if your bathroom has a window, use it! Remove blinds, drapes, or curtains that block sunlight from entering the room. If privacy is a concern for you, choose sheer fabrics that allow light to pass through. Use clear glass in the shower and position mirrors so that natural light reflects and warms the room. If your bathroom doesn't have a window to the outside, you can install lighting fixtures that mimic natural sunlight to create the same effect.

What works for one homeowner doesn't always work for another. Families with young children may want to consider safety features that families with teenagers may not need. And young couples without children may not be as interested in safety features as those with small children in the home. Look for options that suit your lifestyle and can be seamlessly integrated into your bathroom design.

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4 useful bathroom design tips