How to care for potted chrysanthemums so that the flowers last as long as possible

Chrysanthemums are the stars of autumn due to their late blooming and variety of colors. These flowers add beauty to gardens, patios, and yards, and here's what to do to keep them looking beautiful all season long!

To enjoy these flowers for a long time, you need to pay attention to how chrysanthemums look when purchasing them. It is best to purchase flowers that have not yet bloomed. If you buy a plant with closed buds, you will be able to enjoy it longer.

What to do when you return home with flowers

When you return home with the flowers, place them and the pots in a bucket of water or a large container for 20–30 minutes. Thus, the water will moisten the soil and prolong the life of the flowers. When you remove your flower pots from the water, make sure there are holes in the bottom. This is important because excess water will go away and the roots will not rot.

  • Chrysanthemums need light to bloom well, but too much direct sunlight can damage the plants, so make sure you place them in the right place!

How to properly care for chrysanthemums

You can tell your plants need water if the soil at the base is dry or soft to the touch. It is best to pour water on top of a plastic plate that you place under the pot so that the plant absorbs the water from the bottom up. If the pot does not allow this, then when watering the plant from top to bottom you need to be careful not to touch the flowers. Also keep in mind that when it rains outside, keep them covered as excess water can damage them.

Throughout the season, it is necessary to regularly collect flowers and dry leaves. This gives more space for plants to grow. Regarding the use of fertilizers, use only substances intended for chrysanthemums and apply them according to the instructions on the package.

  • Don't throw away your plants at the end of the season! When temperatures begin to drop, cut flowers at ground level and store them indoors for the winter. This way you can enjoy them next year too.

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How to care for potted chrysanthemums so that the flowers last as long as possible