Ideal covers for your sofa! Easy to clean, expands, fits perfectly

Before you spend a fortune reupholstering your sofa or simply replacing it, consider a slipcover. Durable will bring fresh air into the room and ensure the functionality of the furniture.

Whether you have a new sofa that you don't want to get dirty or a used sofa that doesn't look that great, slipcovers can save you money and are generally easy to clean. Measure your sofa carefully to ensure the cover fits. Also, choose one that is easy to stretch and remove when you want to clean it.

Elastic velvet cover 3-seater sofa with turquoise armrests 129 lei My bed jpg

Elastic velvet cover, turquoise

Price: 129 lei,

elastic cover for a 3-seater sofa with black armrests 99 lei Patul meu jpg

Elastic sofa cover, 2 and 3 seater

Price: 89 lei/ 99 lei My bed


Cover for sofa bed

Price: 369.99 lei, Dedeman


Polyester+spandex cover for 3-seater sofa

Price: 119 lei, Dedeman


Polyester sofa cover BZ

Price: 299 lei, Dedeman


Sliding sofa cover, 2 seats

Price: 299 lei, Ikea


Set of corner overlays with ruffles, elastic and crepe

Price: 249 lei, Casa Moise


Covers made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester are cheaper, easier to care for, waterproof and do not fade as quickly.

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Ideal covers for your sofa! Easy to clean, expands, fits perfectly