How dish towels help keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Did you know about this trick?

Paper towels are a great helper in any home! We are used to using them to wipe down windows, mirrors, dishes, tiles and tiles, but did you know that they can help us keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer? Here's how you can use them!

If you want to enjoy the freshness of fruits and vegetables longer, you can use various tricks. For example, we know that tomatoes, onions, garlic and potatoes should be kept at room temperature, but lettuce will keep longer if you sprinkle it with water and put it in a plastic bag.

At the same time, it is good to store pineapple upside down, in a cool place, and herbs and spices will last longer if you cut off the tails and put them in the refrigerator in a glass of water. Another strategy that can help you is the paper towel you usually use to clean your home.

How to Use Paper Towels to Keep Vegetables and Fruits Fresh

Sometimes vegetables and fruits can spoil faster than we expect, especially if they have not previously been stored under optimal conditions. So here's a brilliant idea to help us stop wasting food! What does it consist of?

It's pretty simple! All you need to do is put a few sheets of paper in your crisper drawer. Place vegetables and fruits on towels, and other towels on top of the food. How does this help?

According to Reader's Digest, most vegetables and fruits, including cabbage and squash, produce water. This moisture causes food spoilage, which is undesirable. Paper towels absorb excess moisture and help keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer.

If you notice that some fruits or vegetables have become soft or moldy, remove them quickly to prevent the spread of mold. What say you try this genius trick?

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How dish towels help keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Did you know about this trick?