Are we using the fan incorrectly? These tricks cool down faster!

Do you rely more on a fan to handle the heat? Try these tips to cool off more!

As soon as summer comes into its own, the fan begins to be sought in homes without air conditioning. There are several ways to use a fan if you want to increase its efficiency. According to, these small changes are recommended by experts in this technique. “Contrary to popular belief, fans don't cool the air, they just move it around. The feeling of coldness we feel is the effect of sweat being evaporated from our skin by moving air,” explains engineer Sonya Madaan. For this reason, how we use fans can affect their efficiency.

Clean the fan often

Fan cleaning is an important step to ensure that the blades are working at their best and that the motor is not affected by dust buildup. Dust can slow down the fan blades, meaning it won't be as efficient as it should be. As a rule, it is worth cleaning the equipment in order to increase its performance and extend its life.

Change his direction

Adjusting the direction of a ceiling fan and placing the unit near a window are easy ways to make all fans more efficient at cooling a room. The position alternates between ventilation facing the inside of the room and facing the outside of the room.

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If the temperature outside is colder than inside, the fan should be directed inward to blow cool air. Conversely, if the outdoor temperature is higher, the fan should blow, removing warm air from the room.

Move it to create a breeze

The key to creating a breeze in a room is to change the position of the fan to create maximum air flow from room to room. Placing a fan against a window can create a breeze effect that effectively cools the entire room. Raise the fan above a counter or higher surface so you can get more direct wind on your skin.

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Conditioning effect

To reproduce the feeling of the air conditioner, you can put a bowl of ice in front of the fan. The air captured by the fan will collect cold water from the surface of the ice as it melts. You will find that it is really effective!

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Are we using the fan incorrectly? These tricks cool down faster!