Useful tips for Easter cleaning

Easter cleaning is a great opportunity to freshen up the house, breathe new life and is by no means a chore.

To be really effective, you will need to plan for several days so that everything is set up perfectly in the end. A few tips will help you organize more efficiently and not miss important details.

Inside out and top down

For efficiency, use the inside-out principle, which means viewing all storage areas. Organize according to your needs and take into account the season. Easter cleaning is a good opportunity to evaluate loose clothes and take out everything that came in handy during the cold season and put it in other rooms. Also carefully check the pantry where you store the jars. Efficient storage space is an important step that greatly contributes to order in the house.

The second principle is to start cleaning from top to bottom. Collect the cobwebs that are inevitable in any home, clean the tops of cabinets and shelves, and wash the curtains. They can be quickly refreshed in the washing machine on the shortest cycle. There is a fashion routine How do we clean windows?and this is the perfect time to clean them up. Install wet curtains so they don't need to be ironed again, and your home will effortlessly get an influx of freshness and brightness.

Fix, discard and sort

Spring cleaning must necessarily include those minor repairs that are necessary after the winter period. For example, a bathroom sink gasket, a broken window, a loose screw, a broken or loose switch. He checks every detail and repairs or replaces anything that is damaged or broken.

All this must be included in the cleaning program, because a house in which everything is in order is more orderly and comfortable. Don't forget to replace burned out light bulbs and refill the missing ones, obviously after cleaning out the chandeliers.

They say that for every new item you bring into the house, you have to throw away or recycle the old one. If you don't, your house will turn into a large warehouse. Throw away anything you no longer need or use. Some things can be transformed, refurbished, moved to another room or adapted for a garden, terrace or balcony.

Each room in turn

Some of the necessary cleaning tasks can be done at the same time in all rooms of the house, such as washing windows and washing curtains, but for the rest of the steps it will be useful to devote time to each room.

Bedrooms require less attention compared to hallways, living room, kitchen and bathroom, so they can be completed quickly. Don't miss out on some important moments like vacuuming the mattresses thoroughly, flipping them 180 degrees, and flipping them from head to toe. You will significantly extend their service life and increase comfort.

In the living room, always start with a thorough cleaning of the sofa and armchairs. The upholstery is perfectly cleaned with a sponge dipped in a solution of water and ammonia. The proportion is one tablespoon of ammonia per liter of water.

The last stage is dedicated to floors. It starts under the bed, behind the sofa and in the corners, then cleans the floor and then the carpets. Choose natural solutions, such as those prepared at home, to bring your carpets to life. Prepare a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, spray onto carpets, leave for 10-15 minutes, then vacuum.

Instead of finishing, two more tips. Get some houseplant pots and buy something new for the house. No need for big expenses. Just change the pillowcases in the living room, the rug in the hallway, and buy a set of new kitchen towels to freshen up the whole house.

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Useful tips for Easter cleaning