Don't you remember some things from your childhood? There might be an explanation here!

We like to remember childhood because we associate this period of life with innocence and joy. But why are not all the moments of that time imprinted in our memory? We have explanations!

Childhood is perceived as a carefree and duty-free period. Childhood memories can also be associated with important people in our lives, such as parents and grandparents, and when we think about these moments, we become nostalgic.

If your childhood was wonderful, you will most likely want to remember a lot from that time. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this. Someone remembers a lot of details, while someone has only fragments of images.

Why don't we remember things from childhood

The fact that you don't remember much from your childhood could be because your brain has made room for new life experiences, Healthine writes: “It's common to have few childhood memories. Over time, the brain has to make room for new experiences.”

In addition, another explanation could be that people can only remember things that had a significant impact on them: “You are also unlikely to remember things that had a small emotional impact,” the publication notes.

What the psychologist says

Psychologist Jeff Gunther has another theory, namely, if you do not remember events from your childhood, then you were not so attached to this period. The specialist motivated his opinion by referring to a study at the University of California, which showed that there is a connection between memory and attachment. He called people who don't usually attach themselves to things "avoidants":

“Most avoidant clients I treat have little memory of their childhood. Especially those related to emotional support. This is a sign that they learned early on to be emotionally tough,” the specialist added, according to the Huff Post.

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Don't you remember some things from your childhood? There might be an explanation here!