Couple problems? Recommendations from a psychotherapist for a better sex life in 2024!

At the beginning of 2024, the time has come to make decisions that will help us develop, and relationships as a couple are no exception. Psychotherapists offer a number of tips to help you have a fulfilling sex life this year.

Maintaining fulfilling intimate relationships is one way to promote your overall well-being. American sexologist Georgette Culley told The Sun that certain changes made to a couple's relationship can significantly improve sexual performance. She has compiled a list of tips aimed at both newly formed couples and those who have been together for several decades.

Flirt and flirt some more

According to Georgette Culley, the first tip to remember to improve your sex life is to flirt more. Although it may seem trivial, the expert explains that flirting after years of marriage helps strengthen a couple's sense of desirability.

Reveal your desires

Another point that should not be neglected is to share your unspoken desires with your partner. Any detail related to what you want from intimacy (fantasies, sex toys) can help your loved one better understand what satisfies you and improve your sex life. Georgette Culley suggests that all couples should create a fantasy list - advice that will appeal to both the brave and the timid. Either way, a fantasy list is a good way to experience something new.

Compliments work wonders

The American sexologist also explained that the stimulating power of compliments should not be underestimated. They are valued in any relationship and can have a beneficial effect on libido, as well as having a positive effect on self-confidence.

Plan intimate meetings

To maintain desire over time, a sexologist advises those in long-term relationships to plan intimate encounters, even if it seems unromantic. However, don't limit yourself to this only option to enjoy intimacy; it can also be helpful to arrange impromptu meetings on site whenever possible.

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Give meaning to foreplay

Another tip for improving your sex life in 2024 is to skip foreplay. This is an important step. "Over 75% women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone, so try using the 10:10 rule - ten minutes of foreplay and ten minutes of sex," says sexologist Georgette Culley.

If you limit your sex life to the bedroom, it's better to vary the meeting places: in the shower, on the couch or even in the kitchen. The only limitation is your imagination and expert opinion. To spice up your relationship, Georgette Culley suggests not neglecting the role of sex toys and advises couples to feel free to be more daring in their verbal exchanges.

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Couple problems? Recommendations from a psychotherapist for a better sex life in 2024!