How Wildberries works with partners and how to become a marketplace partner

The plan for the work and development of the largest trading platform on the Runet “Wildberries” is drawn up taking into account the needs of the market and the preferences of potential buyers. A team of managers is working to find suppliers with whom contracts for the supply of goods are concluded. Suppliers, in turn, provide the store with high-quality and relevant products. They oversee the production and delivery of goods to ensure they are always in stock and ready to ship to customers.

What is the focus of Wildberry's work?

Customers are the main focus of the Wildberries store. The site is designed for the convenience and comfort of customers, so their satisfaction is a priority. A user-friendly interface, a wide range, fast delivery - all this makes shopping on Wildberries pleasant and convenient.

Thus, Wildberries is a well-coordinated system in which each participant plays an important role that influences the overall result. Work with suppliers, managers and customers occurs in a coordinated and efficient manner, which allows the store to continue its successful activities.

Working for Wildberries - from registration to the first payment

Most partners of the famous marketplace note the maximum convenience and transparency of working with the platform. In fact, if any issue of mutual cooperation is not regulated to the smallest detail, then over time this form of work fades away or brings significantly less income to both parties. How does this collaboration with Wildberries happen?

Easy partner registration

A specially created simple registration form for companies and individuals who decide to become partners is available on the company’s official website. This form is definitely made “for the people” and will greatly facilitate the beginning of the collaboration process. After filling out the form, you will have access to all the necessary information about partnership with the marketplace.

When collaborating with a supplier, the manager must clarify all the details about the product: quality, sizes, prices and equipment. After all conditions are approved, the cargo is shipped to the Wildberries warehouse.

Receipt of goods to the warehouse and initial quality check

However, the work doesn't end here. When goods arrive at the Wildberries warehouse, they are checked for quality and integrity. After inspection, the product is packaged, labeled and photographed for presentation on the website. Defective products are returned to the supplier.

The next stage takes place directly on the official website of the store. When you enter any query into the search field, it is instantly processed in just a few seconds. This is an unusually fast operating mode that distinguishes Wildberries from other marketplaces.

This online store uses a number of platforms and powerful servers, which allows it not only to store and provide information, but also to process it twice as fast as in other stores. Thus, we can say that Wildberries is a complex system with a simultaneously simple and understandable interface that even the older generation and youth can use.

Dispatch for distribution and detection of defects

Next, the goods are shipped according to the points of the generated orders from the warehouse. Each position occupies a specific cell in accordance with the barcode. It is from there that the goods are delivered to the final consumer.

If a product is defective when working with Wildberries suppliers, the product is sent back to the warehouse. The arrival of a defective product at the warehouse is the basis for drawing up a defect report, after which it is returned to the marketplace partner. This operating algorithm, proven over the years, is absolutely transparent and does not cause disapproval among the platform’s partners.

The management system, warehouse areas, customer service operators, as well as the goods themselves (including their movement and location) are connected by a powerful computer program that is constantly being improved.

What to do if you don’t have time to delve into details - help from professionals

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How Wildberries works with partners and how to become a marketplace partner