Can work ruin a relationship? This way you don't risk neglecting your partner!

Can a lack of work-life balance negatively impact a couple or not? See the impact that spending more time at work can have on your relationship with your partner!

In relationships where one partner has a job that requires more attention and time, love usually takes a backseat. Working long hours can lead to tension and stress, as noted by American neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez, quoted by, who argues that it does not have to be a factor in ending a couple's existence.

Hard work doesn't have to kill a relationship.

A study published in Human Relations hypothesizes that working long hours has negative consequences for couples' relationships. Research shows that when a person chooses a job that requires dedication and more time, he is aware of the trade-off he is making.

Once they understand this trade-off, they are more likely to prioritize spending time together. “The impact depends on the couple,” said neuropsychologist Hafeez, adding: “Many couples in the early years of a relationship realize that they need to hustle and that while relationships are an important part of life, careers and life goals come to an end with life. This.".

Leave some free time just for yourself

Guilt can ruin a wonderful couple's relationship if you have an uncoordinated schedule that leaves little time for romance. However, there is a way to make it work. “Communication is the key to success. If you have to work more, it's not a threat to the relationship itself, but it is stressful and requires honesty and transparency about how that stress manifests itself in each of you,” Hafeez said.

If one of you is feeling down, your partner shouldn't take it as a personal attack. Accept that the stress created by a never-ending to-do list will lead to nervousness or anger, but these reactions should be limited to your relationships.

Set work limits

It would be ideal if, when you return home or finish your work schedule, you leave all your work worries aside and focus solely on your loved ones, your partner. You both forget about emails or other messages and give priority to your partner. Look into each other's eyes when you talk, even if it's about what to cook, what else you need to buy for the house, or about children! Cuddle for at least two minutes and compliment each other or whisper “I love you!” Making these gestures that will reconnect you with each other is not very difficult.

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Talk about the dreams you want to achieve together

Another way to bring a couple together, despite responsible work, is to often talk to each other about their goals and dreams. It can be helpful to talk frequently about how your relationship will benefit from your financial or work success. Keep talking about things you'd like to do, possible trips, or things that could improve your life.

A little attention or surprises keep the passion alive.

Even if you have a lot of work, long hours, or a different schedule than your partner, there is a lot you can do to support the relationship. You can leave him love messages, flowers, something he likes to eat, or small surprise gifts. This will show him that he is not being neglected and will ease the stress of too little time spent together.

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Can work ruin a relationship? This way you don't risk neglecting your partner!