School photos may predict your divorce, researchers say. These are the factors!

Incompatibility leads to separation, but scientists have found other factors that can predict divorce. It seems even teenage photos can give a clue!

Of course, many factors can influence the quality of a couple's relationship, but certain signs and factors indicate possible vulnerability. This is what was discovered!

A smile in photographs predicts happiness in a relationship

Did you know that people who didn't smile in their school photo album are more likely to get divorced than those who did? In one study, researchers analyzed several photographs of young people and rated the intensity of their smiles on a scale of 1 to 10. They found that young people whose smiles were rated a "10" did not get divorced, unlike sullen people who had a 10. points. experienced several breakups, writes “Living Science”.

Tone of voice, separation indicator

Another study found that spouses' tone of voice when communicating with each other may or may not predict divorce. Scientists used a computer algorithm with an accuracy of 79%, with which they analyzed 100 conversations of more than 100 couples who sought help from a psychologist.

Experts analyzed their marital status for 5 years and found that people who spoke to each other in a raised voice were more likely to break up.

“It’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters,” one of the researchers told Today.

Work colleagues have influence

Even work colleagues can influence your relationship as a couple! At least that's according to Danish researchers, who in a study found that people who are surrounded by people of the opposite sex at work are 15% more likely to get divorced than others. The study was conducted between 1981 and 2022 in Denmark.

Family example matters

A number of studies have shown that most couples copy the behavior of their parents, especially mothers. Sociologists studied the behavior of 7,000 people and found that if mothers get divorced and then enter into multiple relationships, their adult children are more likely to behave in the same way.

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School photos may predict your divorce, researchers say. These are the factors!